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This tutorial is for Macintosh, using iDVD. Some steps may work on Windows provided you have some DVD burning software.

This works best with kJams Pro, you'll get much better quality video, but it works fine with kJams Lite.

  1. run kJams
  2. go to prefs->exporting
  3. for kJams Lite
    1. for "Movie Encoder", pick "AppleTV"
  4. for kJams Pro
    1. for "Movie Encoder" pick "QuickTime Movie"
    2. for "Encoder Preset" pick "Animation / Lossless" (do NOT pick "HD")
  5. make sure "Pad CDG Movie Border..." and "Export .xml meta data" and "Only export short sample" are all turned OFF
  6. pick "30 fps"
  7. under "Export name template:"
    1. if you want your menus to be "Artist - Song", then type "R - S"
    2. if you want "Song - Artist" then type "S - R"
  8. Hit OK
  9. make a new Playlist and name it the name of your DVD. for this example, we'll call it "My Great DVD"
  10. add all the songs you want to be on the DVD, you can add a huge ton of movies, i don't know how many, but maybe like up to 3 hours???
  11. select the playlist
  12. select all the songs in the playlist
  13. file->export->selection as QuickTime
  14. in the "Choose a Folder" dialog that comes up, navigate to /Users/<you>/Movies
  15. if it doesn't exist, make a new folder there called "kJams"
  16. inside that, make a new folder with the name of your DVD (in this case “My Great DVD”, i'll stop saying that now)
  17. select that folder
  18. kjams will now take a very long time exporting all your songs to movies

Note if some of the songs are already in Movie format, make a separate playlist with just those songs, then go "file->export->entire playlist: all files", put them in the same folder. Note kJams will NOT change the names as in step 3, you will have to go to the folder afterward and make sure they have conforming names.

Now, create your iDVD project, and burn

  1. run iDVD
  2. click "Create a New Project"
  3. At the bottom of the "Create Project" window, under "Aspect Ratio", make sure "Standard 4:3" is selected
  4. Name the project the name of the DVD, and save it somewhere (i recommend you make a new folder in the kJams folder called "My DVD projects" or something)
  5. it will start with a template and name it "Revolution Main", click that text and change it to the name of your DVD.
  6. in the tabs on the bottom right, click "Media"
  7. in the tabs on the top right, click "Movies"
  8. Info: underneath the tabs on the right, there are two panels. in the top one is the list of "Media Sources", and the bottom one is the list of "Media Files" that are inside the source you select in the top panel.
  9. in the "Media Sources" list, you'll see a folder called Movies, twirl the triangle down, then go into kJams, then select the folder with the name of your DVD
  10. in the "Media Files" list, context click in the list of icons and pick "Display as List" (it may already be displayed as a list)
  11. now at the top of the "Media Files" list, click the column header "Name"so the triangle points upward (for alphabetical - ascending)
  12. drag the first movie into the "My Great DVD" window, this will serve as the background movie that plays during the menu of the disc
  13. in the buttons on the bottom of the window, click the "show the DVD map" button which looks like one square on top of two squares with little lines connecting them (to the left of the "start or stop motion" button which looks more like "sync" button with two arrows turning into each other)
  14. now click in the media list where all your movies are (on the right)
  15. select all
  16. drag them all onto the tile on the left with the title of your DVD (the main menu)
  17. click the "return" button
  18. Save
  19. burn your disc