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iSing Karaoke Locator

If you're on your iPhone (or on the web), you can try This Web App to find shows!
This just in from the author:

I've upgraded the site to now let users search within the a specified number miles within a given zip code.
Check it out! I'm also working on a feature that will identify kJams users! Hopefully be ready next week.

Or try iSing Karaoke Locator for iPhone and iPod Touch! FREE!

Where's the Karaoke

Find karaoke near you at "Where's the Karaoke"
If you're on your iPhone, you'll want to try "Where's the Karaoke".
Here's a link to the app on the App Store


<display_map centre="40, -121.7" height="600px" width="1000px" zoom="5" > 36.9792694,-121.8988986~ a show, This is the headquarters of kJams! 45.479437, -122.568305~New Copper Penny~Elite Performance Entertainment hosts karaoke at the New Copper Penny on Wednesday nights, 9PM to 1AM. $100 weekly contest, last Wednesday of each month is $500 finals. </display_map>