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To "rename" a field of meta data is to change it's text. EG: in the artist field, you might rename "beatles_the" to "The Beatles", or you might rename a playlist.

How to rename any field of meta data

Many "source" items that appears in the Sources list (on the left) can be renamed or edited. To rename one, select it, then press the return key. Make your changes, press return again. The Return key toggles Rename mode for any selected data. Or select the source, then, without moving the mouse, click again and wait a full second (select, click-wait). The meta data item you clicked will then go into "edit mode" and you can type something to rename whatever was there. Press [ESC] if you change your mind, press [return] when you want to commit.

When a song row is selected in the Tracks list (the one on the right that you can Sort), there may be many different sort-columns, and you can directly edit individual (data) fields (like a cell in a spreadsheet), right in the browser window. Just click on a song to select it (the whole row is selected). Then do the gesture from above, (select, click-wait), where the click is in the column you want to edit.

If you select more than one song, then edit something, kJams will ask if you want to apply your change to ALL the selected songs. This makes it easy to for example set a bunch of songs to have the same album name or pitch change or comment (or anything, really).