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These instructions are geared toward Macintosh, but they are similar for Windows.

In the list, when I say "TV", I mean whatever display you're using for the Singer / Audience. You should have a separate display for that.

  1. For best performance:
    1. Your videos should be encoded with h.264
    2. your TV should be set to 720p or LOWER. Do NOT set it to 1080p. Best performance is 480p.
    3. set the "Desktop Picture" of your TV to be all black, solid color
  2. if you haven't done this yet:
    1. apple -> system preferences -> mission control
    2. UN-check "Displays have separate Spaces"
    3. log out (you don't need to re-start)
  3. in iTunes:
    1. load all your videos
    2. create a playlist of them
    3. start the video playlist, but do NOT go "full screen", instead just zoom the window to be as large as possible on the TV
  4. in kJams
    1. for best performance: go to the Menu "kJams -> Preferences -> General", and turn OFF "High Quality Video Upscaling"
    2. drag your Video window over to the TV
    3. go full screen with it (double click inside the Video window)
    4. in the Video menu, check "Transparent Video"

Now, when you play CD+G songs (not movie songs), the lyrics will play on top of the video