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If kJams crashes, it or the OS will immediately ask you if you want to send the crash report.

  • Windows:
    • yes, please always send it
  • Mac:
    • This first crash report dialog is actually the OS asking you to send the report to Apple, which won't help me or you in any way, so please decline sending the report to Apple if you can (cancel it or just close the window).
    • When you run kJams again, then kJams will ask if you want to send the crash report to me, so please always do so. If however kJams does NOT ask to send the crash report, right after a crash, then something must be wrong with the crash reporter, so please contact me so I can resolve the crash reporter problem


  • Windows:
    • not quite sure what to do about hangs on windows
  • Mac: Do this
  1. hang kJams
  2. run Activity Monitor (utilities folder)
  3. select kJams
  4. click "Sample Process"
  5. click "Save"
  6. save it to the desktop
  7. create a new <email>|email to me</email>
  8. attach said process sample from the desktop
  9. explain a bit about what you were doing just before the hang
  10. send it to me

Still Having Trouble?

Contact me and we'll sort it out

The drive letter of my music drive has changed!

see how to Change Drive Letter

Holding Modifier keys on Startup

When you hold Option (Alt) or Shift on startup, you'll hear a BEEP letting you know that kJams recognized the key.

The Shift key does these things:

  • Music stores will not be added to the Library playlist (but they WILL load)
  • stops "Push Meta Data" on any song files that would otherwise attempt to push again on startup

The Option key does these things:

  • Mac: resets your "authorization keys": do this if you're having trouble turning on the Server (or just restart your computer)
  • If you have some singers who are "added from another venue", but they somehow no longer work, it's because the symbolic link (the "Alias" on mac or the "Shortcut File" on windows) has lost it's connection to the original. Holding option will move all these broken links to the trash.
  • Will add your IP address to the Log file, for debugging purposes
  • Will log your Serial number to the Log file, for debugging purposes