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Welcome to the documentation wiki for kJams!

kJams is karaoke playing and hosting software; it's useful for everyone from individual singers to professional karaoke hosts who do shows at different places every night of the week. It will play karaoke tracks from the hard drive of your Mac or Windows PC or laptop, it can rip your physical karaoke CD+G (and CAVS MCG/NCG SCDG) disks into your library; if you already have a library of tracks ripped from CDGs you own, you can import those -- kJams can even play tracks directly from CD+G discs inserted into your computer's CD-ROM drive (if the drive can read them in the first place) -- LIVE!

On this wiki, we'll tell you how to get and install kJams, what additional software you might need for basic operations and various extended features, how it works, and how to use it.

Since kJams is targeted at the entire audience of people who want to use computers with karaoke, some of the features are aimed at beginners and home users, and will hence be pretty boring to pros, and some of the features are specific to commercial hosting gigs, and will probably be confusing to home users. We'll try to flag which things are which, but if you end up in the wrong end of the pool, at least now you'll know why. :-)

kJams is presently available in 2 versions, with 1.x and 2.x version numbers. 1.0 is available in a regular and a Pro version, while all the pro features are already included in 2.0. All versions of the package are 'true' shareware: all the features are included and all the ones you need to evaluate whether it will work for you are enabled by default, so you can download and install it, and try it out in a live environment -- even pro hosts! There are add-ons which are strictly pre-paid, for burning discs (with v1) and creating new CD+G tracks from scratch, but they're not too expensive, either.

Once you're sure kJams will work for, you can just use the Purchase item on the Help menu to get a license code -- for some of the lowest prices in the karaoke software business, we might point out -- and enable the few remaining features that make kJams the most comprehensive software on the market!

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