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The Party Tyme Pro catalog is provided by Sybersound.

Signing Up

When you sign up for the FREE account with Party Tyme Pro (so you can play the free-to-stream "Green" songs), it WILL ask for a credit card. The card IS required in order to get your free account established, however you will NOT be charged anything until the free week has elapsed, and will NEVER be charged if you disable "auto renew" before that.

  1. Run kJams
  2. go to preferences
  3. click on stores
  4. make sure "Enable Checked Music Stores" and "Party Tyme Pro" is checked. (if they weren't, then check them and restart kJams, and come back to this screen)
  5. click to "Edit Music Store Settings"
  6. make sure "Party Tyme Pro" tab is selected
  7. click "Create Account…" button and follow the wizard
  8. If you like, click the "Subscription Tier:" pop-up menu and upgrade your service!

No Previews, but FIRST WEEK IS FREE

Note that Party Tyme does not enable song previews (auditions). However, they do offer "first week free", so if you just want a taste to see if you like their music, sign up for the Monthly subscription. Your card will NOT be charged until after a week has elapsed, but during that time you can play all the songs you want! If you're not satisfied, just just click "Disable" next to "Auto Renew" in the preferences before the week is done.


Note this store is Streaming only (you can't purchase tracks). There are over 13 thousand songs available for streaming! There are also several free songs which are marked with the Green label (search for "label:2" in the store). You must create a free account with Party Tyme Pro ahead of time to play the free songs, and of course you must purchase a streaming subscription to stream the rest. For the 48 hour pass, you must have an internet connection at the time you wish to stream. With the Monthly subscription, kJams will pre-download all the cloud data (encrypted), then you can "stream" from that, so you do NOT need an internet connection when you want to play any of the songs in the cloud library.

Currently there are three Tiers available: Demo, 48 Hours, Monthly.

Tier Pre-Download Public Performance  Price  Expiration Auto-Renew Purchase
Demo Free Never n/a Built In! (Only a few songs are free)
Party Tyme: 48 Hours $29 2 days in-app purchase
Party Tyme Pro: Monthly $99 1 Month in-app purchase

Note that these tiers are only for a single installation and its backup. If your business has more than one KJ running shows (ie: working for you), you will need a separate license for each KJ. Sharing your Tier is strictly prohibited. Note that these Tiers are monitored closely and will be audited if it seems there are shenanigans going on.

Free Streaming Songs

There is also a set of about 8 songs that you can stream for free! I'm not sure if this set changes every month, so be sure to update your music store when kJams asks you to (or right before a show) to make sure you've got the latest list. These songs have been Labeled (colored) with Green so you can easily see them. To play them, you must have created a free account. To see the list in the music store, first show the "Label" column, then either a) sort by Label, then scroll down to the green section, or b) just search for "Label:2" (no quotes).

Monthly Subscription Tethering

Tethering does not work in Tryout mode because one of the criteria for encryption is a serial number.

Tethering means that a copy of all the cloud data will be stored locally on your computer or external drive. The "tether" means that it is "tied" to your computer via your serial number and your username and password, so the database you have can't be used by someone else. What's great about having a local copy is that you do not need to be online in order to "stream" any of the songs! That means that when you operate at a venue that has no internet connection, you still have access to the entire streaming library. Another benefit is that if you ARE online, when you purchase a song, the song comes out of the local cloud data store, instead of needing to download.

If you sign up for Monthly, kJams will automatically start downloading the entire song database to your kJams folder, in a folder called "Party Tyme Pro Tethered Database". It will take about 500GB of space, so be sure you have enough before you start. It will take a long time too, on a good connection it may take a day or more to get it all. On a slow connection, it may take a few days. If there are hiccups part way thru, you can just (optionally force) quit kJams and run again, and it will pick up where it left off. Do not worry about the songs that don't sync properly, this sometimes happens with newly added songs, we're likely aware of it already and have a fix planned, they will be skipped and marked as "Missing" and the "Comment" will show why. (You can show the "Missing" and "Comment" sort columns if you like).

Currently, you must wait one week AFTER signing up for your card to be charged, and for the tethering to start.

Tethering to External Drive

If you would prefer to use an external drive to store ALL your music, use the "Moving" procedure. If you just want to store the Cloud data on an external drive, follow these steps:

  1. quit kJams
  2. Go to your "kJams" folder
  3. if there is a "KaraokeCloud Tethered Database" folder already there, drag it to the external drive, then delete it from the kJams folder
  4. if there is NOT that folder there, then go to your external drive and create a folder called "KaraokeCloud Tethered Database"
  5. select that folder and make an alias (shortcut)
  6. Drag that alias (shortcut) back into the "kJams" folder
  7. rename it there so that it does NOT have the word "_alias" (or "_shortcut") at the end. Be VERY careful that you remove the space character (indicated by the underscore in the example here). The point is it must be named exactly "KaraokeCloud Tethered Database", so kJams will find it.
  8. you may now delete the alias (shortcut) from the external drive, as it is no longer needed

Now, when you sync the cloud data, it will go to the external drive.