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You can trim the start and end of a song manually, by editing or setting the Trim values. When a song has Trim values, then whenever you go to play that song, it will start at the Trim Start time, and end at the Trim End time, and when playing you will see an indicator in the timeline as a red line marking the trim time.

Trimming overrides the "Auto Cue" preference (skip silence at start or end of song).

Do this First:
Eensure the "Trim Start" and / or "Trim End" sort columns are showing (here's how to hide / show sort columns)

Changing Trim Visually

  1. play the song
  2. pause (not stop) the song
  3. drag the play head to the spot you want to trim (start or end)
  4. in the menu bar, click "Controls->Save Trim [Start/End] Time". The Trim commands in the menus are only available for the currently playing song.

Edit Trim time text Manualy

You can also edit the trim values directly in the browser, and you can set multiple songs at once (to the same value).

Trim values are in CDDA timecode, that is: minutes (base 60):seconds (60):frames (74).records (4), you may edit typing timecode eg: "1:20" is one minute twenty seconds, or just "5" is five seconds, or 4:35:62.2 is 4 minutes, 35 seconds, 62 frames (62/75ths of a second) and 2 "records" (2/4 of a "frame" or 2/300ths of a second). Yeah, weird, i know.

Removing Trim

To remove a trim value, just edit the value and delete the text.

Automated Trim

Automatic trimming can occur if your preferences are set correctly.

Go to kJams->Preferences->General, then check "Skip Silence at Start / End of song".

For more info on that, see Auto Cue