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Say you've ripped a song in AIF or WAV format, and you've decided you'd rather have it in MP3 or Ogg format. Or say you've imported a bunch of .bin files and you'd like them to be converted to .mp3.

Just go into kJams->Preferences->Importing and set the encoder to your preferred format, then select the song(s) that you want to convert and go to Advanced->Convert selection…, and your songs will be converted.

Iif you want to keep the original format as well as convert to a new format, what you should do depends on where the song currently resides:

  • For songs you have ripped (ie: they live inside the "kJams Music" folder), simply duplicate the song before you convert its format.
  • For songs that you used "Add To Library…" to import, first right click on the song and pick "Reveal In Finder…", this will show you where the original song lives. Then convert the format in kJams, then re-add the original back into kJams. (note: this can potentially cause cache confusion, because you've created a situation where two songs have exactly the same meta info, I recommend you change some meta info on one version of the song to be slightly different than the other: name, artist or album)

Important Note: Converting songs is similar to Ripping a new song, in that kJams will copy the song INTO the "kJams Music" folder, and kJams will then own the song. This is in contrast to when you "Add to Library…" a song, which only makes a reference to the song, (ie: kJams does not own it). So for example, you can "Add to Library…" a song, and kJams makes a reference. But then when you convert it, kJams will copy the song into your "kJams Music" folder, in the new format, leaving the original untouched.