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Some time soon, kJams will switch to an optional "Subscription Model". I say optional because there will be no requirement for existing users to switch, you will be free to continue using your perpetual license, which will never be revoked. However, there will come a time when new updates will no longer be available to existing perpetual licenses, except for critical bug fixes.

Note this is not related to licensing at this time. ie: if you subscribe, it won't cause kJams to have a license, and if you unsubscribe, it won't remove your existing perpetual license. If you *just* purchased kJams, feel free to wait a year before "subscribing" since in effect you just paid for a full year up front. Of course, feel free to subscribe anyway, to "support the cause" ;-) In the future it'll be built in, and WILL manage your license.

I'm doing this in order to make my income sustainable, so that I can retire from my day job and work on kJams full time.


  • Lite: $5 per month: Includes 1 hour of ETS
  • Pro/2: $10 per month: Includes 2 hours of ETS

This actually works out okay for Pro users: If you use kJams Pro/2 only 3 months per year, then it only costs you $30 per year. Want to use it just once? That's $10. Next time you subscribe, you get ALL the latest updates. If you use it full time, then the yearly cost is about the same as a yearly upgrade. Another example: for a Lite user who only throws a Christmas and a New Year's party, you only pay $5!

Start Subscribing Now

If you're willing to start supporting the cause NOW, please click here. Later, instead of using Patreon (which only allows monthly subscriptions), we'll use the built in Paddle engine (which will have more options eg: yearly).

Enterprise Tech Support (ETS)

For Subscribers only.

This includes talking on the phone 1:1 and doing screen sharing so that I can personally coach you and fix whatever problems are occurring with kJams.

For $5 per month, you get 1 hour for free each month. For $10 per month you get 2 hours for free each month. More time than that will be Paid Tech Support (see below), on a sliding scale. Note that unused minutes do NOT roll over to the next month (otherwise for each Pro user who didn't call me for a year, they could demand several DAYS of FULL TIME work from me, and I just can't do that).

For those who choose NOT to switch to Subscription or who have used their free hour(s) from ETS:

phone and screen sharing time: $20 - $80 per hour, pro-rated per minute. The "sliding fee scale" depends on your circumstances and how much you think it's worth. Hopefully you value my time. Note that i'm not really here to teach basic computer skills.

More info here.

Free Tech Support

Email & Text chat Tech Support are always free, as long as it doesn't start taking up all of my time

Also, if you call about a problem that turns out to be a bug, ie: my fault, then there will be NO CHARGE. I may spend hours on your computer trying to track down the problem, there will be no charge for that at all.