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  • If you want to keep something (eg: a playlist or singer) within the "kJams" folder that you do NOT want loaded, you can rename the item to have a tilde "~" as the first character
  • You can use Finder Aliases anywhere inside the "kJams" folder
  • If you hold the command key down while deleting something from within kJams, you will NOT get the "are you sure...?" dialogs, they will automatically be answered "yes"
  • the Spooler is your friend
  • when you rip a song, after the Rip has completed but before the encoding has completed, you may cancel the encode or even quit kJams. The next time you start kJams, it will pick up the encode again (and finish by zipping, if you have that preference set)
  • about Switchable Albums?
  • you can get notified when a page on this site changes?
  • what to do in case of a Playlist Conflict?
  • when you search, you can search for numbers in the ID column or the index column, just type a number in the search field, and nothing else. This will not return results that have numbers as part of eg: name, album, artist etc (eg: if you search for "3" it won't find ".mp3" files) But to search for a number "as a string", just put a space next to it, eg: "3 " will return all mp3 files
  • if your DB is not saving for some strange reason, you can press ⌘⇧⌥-'S' to force a save? (that's command-shift-option-S) And that if you also hold down ⌃ (control) then it will force all files to be exhaustively searched for and marked if they are missing?
  • if you're forever getting "push meta data" tasks happening on startup, and you want them to stop, you can hold the shift key during startup, this will skip all pushing while you have the shift key down.
  • You can have Custom Keyboard Shortcuts?
  • That I am a Cat person?
  • You can use GarageBand for Recording?
  • you can set the "Browser Font Size" via Secret Prefs?