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kJams turns your computer into a karaoke jukebox, allowing you to play karaoke tunes with a full-screen lyrics—quickly and easily. kJams Lite offers all of the functionality you need to enjoy karaoke in your home; kJams Pro offers additional functionality for the professional KJ. The best part is, kJams is simple enough for the newbie and awesome enough for the fanatic karaoke diva!

But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. It’s SHAREWARE, meaning you can download and use it for free in Tryout mode.

kJams Documentation

The documentation on this website will help you navigate the kJams world. The Table of Contents shows the topics covered, allowing you to click to whatever info you need. If you are technically adept and familiar with karaoke--well,you won't read the documentation anyway, will you? Neverthless, there are links to technical material that may find useful, and I suggest you check out the forums as well.

If you’re new to karaoke or technically challenged, I recommend you read through (or at least skim) the topics in the order they're presented, as they are logically sequenced. Just click on the topic name, and the link will take you to the information. I’ve tried to keep it simple, but let me know if something is confusing.

Most sections contain links to more detailed information. Often this information is geared toward the techies and the karaoke fanatics, but not always. If you there is something you don’t understand, click on the available hyperlinks.

kJams menu options are described using this shorthand:

Click on Edit → Preferences → Stores

This means:

  1. Find the Edit menu title at the top of your screen and click on it.
  2. From the menu that is pulled down, click on Preferences.
  3. In the list presented there, click on Stores.

One last thing. A name that's in quotes refers to an exact name. For example, if I say "kJams Music" folder, I mean the folder in the file system with that exact name.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the kJams menu items have keyboard shortcuts, which are documented on the menus themselves. If you prefer using your keyboard, rather than your mouse, go ahead and learn these shortcuts.

For you techies, you can customize your own keyboard shortcuts here. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

User Guide Table of Contents

  1. System Requirements Temp
  2. Tryout Version of kJams Temp
  3. Downloading Temp
    1. Uninstalling
  4. Purchasing Temp
    1. Updates
    2. Upgrades
    3. Discounts and Site Licenses
  5. Getting Started Temp
    1. Starting kJams
    2. Ways to Play
    3. Where Do I Begin?
  6. Building the Library Temp
    1. Setting Purchase Preferences Temp
    2. Purchasing Music Through kJams Temp
      1. Purchasing Songs
      2. Streaming Songs
      3. About Purchasing
    3. Understanding Tags (Meta Data)Temp
      1. Are Tags Worth Fixing?
    4. Downloading Music from Other Sites Temp
    5. Add to Library Temp janefix: change to Adding to the Library
      1. Meta Data and Offline Volumes Temp
      2. Getting Meta Data from CAVS Drives
    6. Ripping Temp
      1. Canceling iTunes Launch Temp
      2. File Formats and Encoders Temp
      3. Fixing Tags on a CD Temp
        1. freedb Temp
        2. KJ Pro (not my software) Temp
        3. Get and Submit Temp
        4. Using CDpedia
        5. Copying Meta Data from Spreadsheets
      4. Ripping from Other Formats Temp
    7. Fixing Tags (Meta Data) in the Library Temp
      1. Reinterpreting Names
  7. Customizing the Library Temp
    1. Sorting
    2. Arranging Columns
    3. Swapping Meta Data
    4. Displaying/Suppressing Meta Data Temp
    5. Standardizing Capitalization
  8. Playing Karaoke Temp
    1. The Basics
    2. Video Temp
    3. Playlists Temp
      1. Target Mode
    4. Searching Temp
      1. Numeric Searches
      2. Target Searches
    5. Removing Songs Temp
      1. Deleting from a Playlist
      2. Deleting from the Library
      3. Deleting from kJams Pro
    6. Trimming Temp
    7. Slipping Temp
      1. Global Slip
    8. Vocal Reductions Temp
    9. Using a Microphone Temp
    10. Graphics Channels Temp
  9. Slightly More Advanced Features
    1. Launch File Temp
    2. Messenger Temp
    3. Remote Control
    4. Converting File Formats Temp
    5. Exporting Music Files Temp
    6. Burning Temp
      1. Burning CDs Temp
      2. Burning bin/cue Files Temp
      3. Making Pristine Copies Temp
      4. Printing CD Covers Temp
      5. Burning DVDs Temp
    7. Consolidating Your Library Temp
  10. Menu Options Temp
    1. File Temp
    2. Edit Temp
    3. Controls Temp
    4. Advanced Temp
    5. Video Options Temp had to use the word "options" because there was a duplicate link
    6. Window Temp
    7. Help Temp
  11. kJams Pro Temp
    1. Venues Temp
    2. Singers Temp
    3. Rotations Temp
      1. The KJ Rotation List Temp
      2. Rotation Playlist Temp
      3. Switching Songs Temp
      4. "Who's Up Next" Show Screen Temp move to 6.3 below
    4. kJams Server Temp
      1. Logging in Remotely
      2. If you don't have wireless
      3. If you're hyper savvy
      4. If you're a code monkey
      5. Known Issues Temp
    5. iJams
      1. Using iJams
      2. Venues View
    6. Show Screens Temp change to Using ShowScreens
      1. Messenger
      2. ShowScreens
      3. Custom ShowScreens Temp
      4. ShowScreen Meta Tags Temp
    7. Exporting to Quicktime Temp
      1. Caveats
      2. Exporting to Video iPod, iPhone, or AppleTV1 Temp
      3. Extra Credit Temp
    8. Artwork Panel Temp
      1. Second Video Window
    9. Printing Temp
    10. Scripting
    11. Moving Your Library Temp
      1. Moving Just the Files
      2. Moving Files and Settings
      3. Cloning a Setup
      4. Serving Music Remotely Temp
      5. The Symbolic Link Trick Temp
  12. Producer this section as is