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The KJ Rotation List automatically organizes your show for the evening, and it is from this List that you run the show. The KJ Rotation shows all of the singers who have declared themselves “here” for the evening. The list shows the order of the rotation, starting with the first singer. The order in which singers appear reflects the order in which they declared themselves “here,” but you can drag and drop the singers to achieve any sequence you want. Singers appear once on the list, even if they have multiple songs in their Tonight list.

To declare a singer as Here:

  1. Click on the Venue name.
  2. Check the Here box next to the singer’s name.

To start the rotation:

  1. Click on KJ Rotation.
  2. Click the Start button.

Once the rotation has started, the current singer is highlighted but is not necessarily the one at the top. Notice that the list does not change, only the singer who is “current.” If you don’t touch anything, you will see the highlight change as the singer changes. The list itself only changes when singers are added or removed, or when you change the order manually. Once all singers have performed, the highlight returns to the first singer, and the next song for that singer appears.

Note: soon the current Singer will have a speaker icon next to it, separating it from selection, so you can select freely but not interfere with the visual feedback of who is singing.

Singers stay in the rotation, even if they don't have a song currently in their Tonight list. This way, singers won't lose their place if they forget to add additional songs. You can set a preference to kick them out of the rotation if they forgot to add songs, forcing them to re-enter at the bottom of the rotation, but that will likely make them sing sooner than they otherwise would have, so be aware of this. I recommend you just leave them in the rotation. davequestion: I couldn't find this preference

If a singer goes home or is no longer singing, you simply delete them from the rotation. This does not delete the singer; it merely un-checks their Here status. This way, any unsung songs in their Tonight list remain there for the next time they show up at the venue.

If a singer misses a song (say he’s in the bathroom), click on the Right Arrow to move to the next singer. The bathroom singer is only temporarily bumped. When he comes back, click the Left Arrow until you find him in the rotation. Once he has finished his song, kJams knows to skip over any singers who performed during the backroom break.