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It’s easy to rip music to your kJams library. Here’s how it works in Perfect World.

  1. Open kJams.
  2. Stick your CD+G or Super CDG into your disc drive and wait for it to open.
  3. Drag the tracks you want from the CD to the Library OR drag the CD icon itself to the Library OR go to File → Rip Selected.

Now for the Gotchas:

  • Ripping requires a compatible drive, and many drives are not capable of reading CD+G discs. This is not an software issue; it’s like asking your CD player to play a DVD. If your drive can’t read CD+G discs, I recommend a LightScribe drive. Just about any one will do, and Amazon has them.
  • If you have iTunes set to automatically open when you put in a disc, this will cause a problem. You will need to stop iTunes from doing this.
  • If you want a file format that is not supported by QuickTime (for example, you want your music to end up as MP3 files), you will need to specify a different encoder.
  • If you plug in your disc and the meta data is messed up, you will want to fix this before ripping.

Got it?

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