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The 64bit Alpha Is Available

The Something Hopeful Version

This page is in in REVERSE chronological order (latest at TOP)

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x.1b48 not out yet

  • i need a vacation

x.1b47 September 29, 2021, The "Atlantis Rising" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Windows 32bit:
    • fixed crash on startup. Was particularly vexing because it gave no error message, no diagnostic info of any kind. (QuickTime not installed)
    • fixed a bunch of crash problems: sprintf was passing wrong parameters to wrong functions

x.1b46 September 28, 2021, The "Manifest" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • mac: added entitlement for enabling applescript (so you can send log files again? maybe?)
  • no longer report with words like "unzipping" when updating, it's called "installer" now
  • fixed a crash when attempting to display a number value with a lot of digits (eg: a very small number like 1e-32)
  • fixed crash on startup related to logging (when saving a playlist) (%n!)
  • when launching, loading (lots of) singers gets a progress bar, instead of seeming to stall on loading playlists
  • 64bit:
    • no longer immediately repainting table view when tabbing over it (performance improvement)
    • streaming songs is fixed for both streaming stores
    • fixed intermittent video lag (when audio keeps going)
    • audio decoder will now detect if it couldn't decode and will fail gracefully, and use the backup system (demux) rather than hang
    • when removing (last?) song from playlist, table view should refresh (song finishes playing in rotation or "tonight")
    • when quitting, kjams always backs up your DB, but now it tells you what it's doing: backing up, compressing. so you're not wondering why it seems to have stalled

x.1b45 September 21, 2021, The "Ginny & Georgia" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Party Tyme Pro Streaming now offers Yearly subscriptions (USD $499.00)
  • no longer crash if there's an SSL error downloading any resource (now get friendly warning)
  • when a Dialog is going to be shown, we now ensure it's on the screen (so it doesn't show up somewhere you can't click the title bar)
  • wide dialogs are now extra wide
  • fixed a crash on quit
  • fixed crash when attempting to play a media file that kJams can't handle
  • consolidated / factored code regarding CDG_Idle
  • media player error message formatted nicerly
  • fixed crash attempting to get meta on unsupported media
  • fixed ASSERT on startup when you have empty library
  • if you drag something in from the desktop, and you KNOW you want to override the "you can't do that" dialog, AND you want to skip the "copy or reference" dialog and you want it to be "reference", you can now hold "option/alt" key when you let go of the drag
  • "delay playing until unpacked" option is no longer available
  • camera / mic info strings in plist now allow them to be used
  • re-enable export to CDG, also added to context menu
  • Producer: fixed bug crash when creating color palettes (happens like ALL the time when using producer)
  • Windows: some strings would show "$s" in them, where there should have been some substitution. this is fixed
  • new secret pref to test vertical camera flip
  • mac: fixed crash when you try to send crash report or log file, and you didn't have permission to script the finder. now shows friendly warning
  • 64bit:
    • the 64bit version is now being built against Qt frameworks v6.0
    • movie / video playback is now fully supported (eg: mp4)
    • fixed bug where original video would be deleted after audio extraction
    • can now get dimensions of videos
    • camera flip horizontal / vertical now works
    • can now multiplex output from cdg, movie, and camera inputs
    • fixed cam flipping so it's done in a more efficient, less jumpy way
    • can now decode audio to specific format (!!)
    • media meta is now always handled on main (ui) thread, cuz it'd crash otherwise
    • when playing CDG, the "border" area of an HD monitor will now match the background color
    • fix "about" menu to say "hide that crazy rainbow" when you show the about info
    • splitter dimples now display also on windows, are colorized, have hover hilight, and tool tips
    • creating alias / shortucut file is now implemented
    • import singer from other venue works
    • mac: open "folder only" dialog now works correctly (not allowing to select files)

x.1b42 August 25, 2021, The "Firefly Lane" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed hang on quit
  • fixed startup hang at "rebuilding venues", actually it's about updating the server resources
  • fixed rare crash: progress dialogs can sometimes pile up on top of each other. sometimes an underneath one finishes before a newer one has. this could cause a crash.
  • fix crash if "check version" runs right at shutdown time
  • if, when logging into a music store, you hit "deny" on the keychain dialog, it won't bring up the credit card dialog (that was weird)
  • little speaker icons next to volume slider are now HiDPI
  • Windows:
    • Timezone calculations finally work. The "playlist end time" (actual time of day this playlist will finish) time readout at the bottom of the main browser window is now correct no matter what your time zone or DST
    • "playlist end time" refreshes if you change your clock, time zone, or DST
    • you can now select multiple files in the import dialog
  • 64bit stuff:
    • Mac: Dark Mode!
    • Mac: buttons in the "ok/cancel" dialog look like mac buttons
    • Windows: progress bar hilight is tweaked a bit
    • under Qt6 (not released yet, the version here is still Qt5) the audio decoder 1) no longer uses "demux" and 2) happens in realtime instead of waiting for the decoder to complete before starting the song
    • fix crash: when a dialog is destructing (closing) but meanwhile idle events happen for said dialog (a closing dialog should not be given idle events)
    • can now switch venues more than once and not crash
    • when switching venues hold the COMMAND key to skip the confirm dialog
    • "runaway selection" is fixed! (when you shift-click to extend selection, things OUTSIDE the view used to get selected)
    • auto scrolling while drag-reordering works better. let me know if you need a tweak (like accelleration speed)
    • extending selection across view page boundaries works
    • "buy" button in music stores now respects browser font size
    • search is fast again and correctly updates the "summary string" at the bottom of the browser window

x.1b40 July 18, 2021, The "Handmaid's Tale" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • 64bit Updates:
    • Star Ratings will now scale with browser font size, and draw white-on-black when selected
    • key navigation will move the selection minimally, instead of always centering
    • if playing a video fails (it shouldn't but if it does), it should now stop itself, instead of playing black video
    • if a song still needs "push meta data" on startup, it will happen. previously just forgot to do that.
    • full screen mode works again, obscuring the menu bar
    • audio only songs now supported (no more assert about missing meta data)
    • if you changed your OS theme (accent color) while kJams was running, it would cause the "transport" buttons (play, stop etc) to be "pressed" multiple times when you click them (one time for each theme change). fixed.
    • on startup, volume controller shows remembered previous volume
    • when "max activities" is set to 0, it won't auto close, so you can drag it to a spot and it will stick
    • fix hang during startup
    • Party Tyme Pro Streaming "tether" files now play using qt6 (they already worked in qt5)
    • no longer crashes in tryout mode when doing a search with no results
    • credit card info dialog now actually remembers text you enter into it (!)
  • Windows:
    • fixed crash related to accessing network when offline(eg: update music store, check for updates etc)
    • can now do "simultaneous downloading", and all downloads run at full speed, like the mac always has
  • fixed a hang (deadlock) related to clicking in a playlist
  • fixed a hang (aborting background tasks) on quit
  • fixed a crash on quit
  • fix "pause between tracks" bug that would pause after loading a song, even when you manually tried to play it (by selecting and pressing play, or by double clicking). prerequisites: song NOT already in cache, AND you have "delay playing until loaded" turned on
  • if you get an assert about thread when using the server, you now have the opportunity to send a crash report
  • but maybe i fixed that assert so you'll never get a chance to send the crash report?
  • venue list (in the venue menu) is now sorted alphabetically

x.1b39 June 27, 2021, The "Alugalug Cat" version

32bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
64bit: Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Windows: if kjams asks you to upgrade your serial number, you no longer assert and crash
  • "maximum songs allowed in the cache" is now clamped between 5 and 100, default 25
  • if the pref location of a window is negative, we now bring it back on screen

x.1b37 June 24, 2021, The "Philosophy in 40 Ideas" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fix assert when adding singer from another venue
  • background thread CNetHTTP networking no longer forces message sending to the foreground thread (a relic of 10.5). Hopefully this fixes a download crasher (eg: music store purchase or stream, version checking etc)
  • 64bit:
    • Mac version now comes in a Disk Image (.dmg)
    • Mac version is now notarized (no longer need to manually allow it to run)
    • QMediaError "ServiceMissingError" error is better explained now (still get the error, however)
    • fix crash if you did a search then scrolled off the end
    • search for music store songs actually works. still very slow to load.
    • the "summary" info below the bottom of the tracks list is updated more reliably after a search (still not done)
    • tracks list: popup menus will now appear enabled (they were disabled)
    • tracks list: home / end / page up / page down now work
    • tracks list: arrow keys now navigate selected item. shift-arrows will extend selection
    • tracks list: "Label" button (rounded pill shape button), and popup menu buttons will now scale nicely with font size
    • tracks list: elided text will now truncate on the right edge, not in middle
    • When playing video, the "playhead" (little diamond) is updated more often
    • check version what's new dialog now is wider, and centers more gracefully

x.1b36 June 1, 2021, The "I wish I knew then what I know now" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed mac so it actually launches
  • fixed drag and drop from file system on windows
  • fixed "AboΔt kJams..." string (and several other special chars)
  • about string now includes bit depth (32 or 64)

x.1b35 May 31, 2021, The "School of Life" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • factored Log() and CCFLog(), which means there used to be stuff that never even got INTO the log file, that should have been there. now you'll see more stuff in the log
  • fixed drag and drop from file system into browser window (sources or tracks)
  • kjams now reports the bit-depth in the log file on startup
  • no more assert IsSupportedDragFlavor() when starting a drag
  • dragging from tracks list into a singer works again
  • when logging Bonjour registration, it shows the host as ".local"
  • "half ring buffer size" in audio prefs now always clamps to [1..10] megabytes
  • CPlayList::GetFileName() now returns the actual file that would be renamed if you renamed it, preventing incorrect logging from suggesting it was about to rename your playlist during startup
  • cleaned up a bit of logging on startup
  • no more logging of SQL Query Stuff
  • no longer reports AV Sync problems when paused
  • now including resources that were missing: default columns, camera / mic entitlement, name parser templates file, applescripts folder (for sending log files on mac)
  • when deactivating, if there was an old style SN file it also gets moved to desktop
  • 64bit:
    • mac: the "delete" key (which is really "backspace") will now delete the selected item
    • windows: you can select a folder to add to library
    • windows: saving the DB no longer gives an error about can't save
    • no longer launching release app with debug enabled
    • deleting a singer will update the playlist (no longer show a row filled with dashes)
    • gray line under sort header rows
    • bigger font size in context menus
    • fix crash when attempting to update other windows (eg: video) in the middle of updating the browser window (tree or table view)
    • no more assert if you select an item that doesn't exist (all dashes)
    • if you "select all" and there are now more items selected than appear onscreen, those items off screen will also be part of the drag and drop operation
    • "Help->Send Log File" now actually works
    • Left and Right arrow keys work to change songs
    • comments now display in "Get Info" dialog
    • Escape key to stop a song now works
    • Browser window LCD panel responds to "use os color theme" checkbox in pref panel
    • MediaPlayer will check for errors after attempting to start and propagate them out on failure (unfortunately doesn't help current problem)
    • fixed crash in mac alias resolution when loading old database

x.1b34 May 22, 2021, The "Calling it quits" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • no longer crash during "Switch Venues"
  • "Switch Venues" now gets a progress bar
  • no crash on startup re CNetHTTPClient
  • fixed busted drag and drop stuff (relating to singers)
  • you can now drop a playlist INTO a playlist (on the left panel), which adds all the items of the source into the dest
  • in the Window menu, the "Activity" menu item ACTUALLY WORKS (omg this never worked??!?)
  • 64bit related:
    • Fixed code signing on Windows.
    • Fixed crash on startup Windows.
    • Fixed crash on Catalina.
    • fixed tryout limitations
    • Big Sur related:
      • fixed hang on startup
      • still complains about signing, and you have to go to the Security system pref panel to "open anyway".

x.1b33 May 17, 2021, The "Cry For Help" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • you can drag a singer from sources into KJ rotation

x.1b32 May 13, 2021, The "Temba, at rest" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed startup sequence so alerts are shown AFTER main window comes up and after the Progress dialog is closed
  • Windows: fixed ability to get IP address when some cards reported
  • the audio / video sync watchdog previously didn't take Global Slip into account! does now. symptom: if you have global slip on, video would stutter
  • When counting song files during "Add to Library", we update the count a little more often
  • more error reporting when downloading something
  • KDN files work again for palette changes due to changing Label color. also fixed other palette related bugs
  • Windows, for "kJams 2": Getting info on the icon in the file system no longer reports "kJams Pro" (it now correctly says "2")
  • Windows: downloading things is now faster, though currently even if you have 5 threads open, they'll be handled serially. This is an easy fix but it works fine for now, i'll fix it later.
  • You can now opt out of pre-downloading the streaming data for Karaoke Cloud
  • new keyboard shortcut for "Reinterpret Names": cmd-opt-I (ctrl-alt-I)
  • Default Venue name is "Singers", as usual, but now it can be localized (so you see the translated name if you run using a different UI language)
  • time estimator kinda seems to work better now, but i don't quite know why (you won't see it 'till the 64bit upgrade)
  • iPads are now detected if they try to use the server, and are sent to the App store for wtkJams
  • fixed crash on windows on startup under certain circumstances

x.1b31 March 31, 2021, The "Glitter" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Lite: fixed crash on startup that happens if you had quit kJams while the video window was full screen.
  • fixed Activity progress bars when "parsing" music stores
  • for all three of you who use Party Tyme Pro Streaming, the "Tethering" was broken, you'd get an error on first play, then it would re-download to self correct, but you'd never have the advantage of offline playing. This is fixed.
  • if a music store forgot it's date, or on first run, it would say "oh hey there's a critical update!!". but there isn't. now it just says "hey wanna update?"
  • Windows: when you drag and drop into kJams, kJams used to "hold on" to the folder or file you dragged from Windows Explorer, meaning you could no longer interact with that folder in Windows Explorer while kJams was doing it's import thing. This has been fixed.
  • if you ever get a validate error on startup, kJams will now hint at you on how to fix it.
  • fix store audition to not halt the new song if a previous song ended before the new one was fully cached
  • don't crash parsing Party Tyme Downloads store
  • don't report errors tethering Party Tyme Streaming, just log them
  • implemented method to have music store song static data be ephemeral (basically: info that is the same for every song, eg: what store it came from, is not stored with the song, so it is taking up room in the database)
  • no longer attempting to log into non-existing stores (eg: tricerasoft)
  • not checking for updates when we're not supposed to (incl: music store catalogs & their URLs)
  • music store song total could be reported wrong, fixed
  • no longer logging tasks about loading showscreens when opening producer
  • when logging all song file paths, no longer reporting errors when not found, prettier printing
  • when scrubbing in producer, if you go past the end no longer hangs
  • when re-linking, if you change audio, we recalculate the duration
  • mac: integer columns draw in mono-space font so the numbers line up vertically
  • monospace font is now Monaco (mac) or Consolas (win)
  • moved the "Showing Windows" phase later in the startup process

x.1b30 February 23, 2021, The "Robert Sinskey" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed a crash on startup if your largest "SongID" is in the hundreds of millions (you just run out of memory).
  • if you have a lot of singers, you'll now see a progress bar on startup about loading them, and one on shutdown about clearing them out
  • Windows: don't crash if you switch to a playlist that has it's scroll bar down a bit from the top

x.1b29 Febrary 17, 2021: The "Wingspan" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • no more assert about "i_netP" when you go to play a preview in a music store
  • no longer creating song-play-notifiers for non-existent stores (tricerasoft, chartbuster)
  • hopefully, if you preview a song, then buy it, it will play the real song, not the preview
  • when previewing a song, it now correctly goes into the cache folder, not your actual library
  • fixed assert about "getting columns of a playlist with no columns". sorry about that!
  • windows: "sorting singers" would be slow on startup, fixed that
  • while AVSync (the thing that ensures your audio and video were sync'd) worked fine for CDG songs, it was broken for video files (eg: mp4). So if your video ever drifted, we'd attempt to compensate every other second, but always fail, which would cause AVSync to keep trying, over and over. This would also cause video stutter.

x.1b28 November 18, 2020: The "Our Planet" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed a bug in Producer that would cause your edits to occur at the wrong time
  • fixed a crasher when importing LRC files
  • probably more stuff

x.1b27 November 16, 2020, The "Zootopia" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed bug: when doing a search, it would appear to show no results, when you know there SHOULD be results. sometimes the scroll bar would end up in outer space (down the bottom), making it appear as if the list of results is empty, even though, if you scrolled back up, you'd SEE the search results right there.
  • fixed assert-fail when adding to library
  • fixed ability to hide the video window
  • fixed a crash when attempting to show a hidden video window with one of the "size" commands
  • if it ever occurs that ALL sort columns got deleted in a playlist, then switching out and back into that playlist will bring back the default sort columns
  • Mac: Producer can again show the Fonts panel on Mojave (!)
  • Editing Showscreens: now behaves more like a real "document model" in that, on a timeline, if you "edit" or "save over" an existing item, that will be remembered next time you edit that blob, so you can "command-4" to save-and-view the showscreen (there are still bugs!)
  • ShowScreens on windows function again

x.1b26 October 23, 2020, The "Nurse Ratched" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Windows:
    • This version is finally code signed, and will NOT be flagged by Windows Defender! (make sure you have the latest definitions)
    • On first run, the app can again install Python for you, instead of showing an error message
  • Mac:
    • when you pick "reveal in finder", you won't beachball, even if it takes a few seconds for the file's window to appear
  • fixed assert-you're-about-to-crash when someone uses the Server (wtkJams)
  • when you pick "reveal in finder/explorer", you'll get a notification that you did that
  • a *tiny* bit of work toward true "cross platform" libraries (so you can take a mac library, and move it to windows, and vice versa, and not lose all your playlists / singers)
  • fixed big bug for people who do NOT run in English: library-related file names are now always saved with english names, and it will recover gracefully if you accidentally got messed up from this bug previously (we had mixed-cases of localized and non-localized file names, which was bad)
  • we now log tasks (activities) as they start and stop
  • accidentally tied AVAILABILITY of freedb and MusicBrainz to the pref that said whether to AUTOMATICALLY use it. now, even if those prefs are off you can still USE them.
  • fixed crash on quit due to timing conflict (InvokeTimer)
  • fixed recently introduced bug where kJams would "forget" what venue you selected (was reading old library.xml file, instead of newer one which was written with the wrong name)
  • fixed bug during ripping where it would silently lose track of the audio file you JUST ripped, and then later one day the song wouldn't play!
  • when editing disc info, if the category is set to "none" you can always edit it, even if it was marked as not editable
  • you can now submit freedb data from a disc based on a bin/cue file pair
  • there is a new "Dimensions" meta data column, but it's empty, and you can't edit it
  • sometimes a context click in the main (browser) window would pop up in the wrong place or show the wrong menu. fixed.
  • the "Total Songs" sort column now works for singers (shows how many songs in their "Tonight" list)
  • the kJams menu now has an entry for "About Open Source…" and the 64 bit version also has "About Qt…"

x.1b24 June 20, 2020, The "Lost" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • 64bit: the database is actually coming along now, progress is happening!
  • kJams again remembers your sort columns per playlist. (it kept restoring the default layout to every playlist on startup)
  • when you try to play or purchase a song, and you're not logged in, the warning dialog will tell you which store you're in
  • on startup, the "Get Airfoil Slip Value" no longer takes any time
  • FreeDB has been fixed to point to gnudb, but submit is disabled cuz i don't think they support that?
  • MusicBrainz has been fixed (rewritten to use the new API)
  • just got rid of TrackType since it's gone

x.1b23 June 8, 2020, The "Little Fires Everywhere" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed the erroneous display of false message "When downloading, did not recieve all data" (was wrong anyway, we DID get the data. now it no longer shows)
  • fixed crash opening any song (could be crash right after startup, if you had leftover encodings that picked up after startup)
  • note that b22 was labeled b21 so was quite confusing. also it had the above crash, so we're just skipping it in the history

x.1b21 June 6, 2020, The "Handmaid's Tale" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • "about kJams" now shows "Paddle" (correctly) when you have activated via paddle but somehow lost your license file
  • Windows:
    • downloading things on windows is faster
    • there was a bug where the auto updater complained about couldn't launch an app, showing you a file path. i do NOT know why it did that but i think i've worked around it?
    • double carriage returns in the "what's new" dialog work correctly now

x.1b20 June 4, 2020, The "Trek Bikes" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • 64bit:
    • hired a helper for the SQLite Database, maybe this guy will actually follow through!
    • volume controller is done (works while playing)
    • double click to play is done
    • updated to Qt Creator 4.12, Qt 5.14.2, and VS2019
    • you can now "right click" on a song or playlist, and get the "context menu"
    • working on playback of audio from video (movie) files (eg: h.264 etc) (with key changing, of course)
  • in prefs->audio->cache
    • you can now click a new "reveal" button
    • mac fixed bug: pressing the "purge" button would stop working after the first time, if not all files got purged in the first pass. you'd have to exit out of the dialog and come back in for the button to work again.
  • "Karaoke.Net" has been renamed "Party Tyme Downoads"
  • "Party Tyme Pro" has been renamed "Party Tyme Pro Streaming"
  • fixed an old longstanding bug that could crash you if two music stores updated at the exact same time
  • fixed another old, longstanding bug, crash on startup, for when you have playlists with conflicting IDs
  • fixed a recent bug where kJams forgot previously saved CD meta data
  • no more mention of Perian. If you try to play an unrecognized file type, user is encouraged to convert to h.264
  • if kJams makes a web request for something, and it takes longer than 30 seconds, it gives up. this is down from 2 minutes, which people mistook for a forever-hang
  • MusicBrainz is now off by default until i fix it
  • fixed longstanding problem of sprintf requiring a mutex, due to it having one global buffer. this caused any number of freezes (mutex contention) (bug where the app would just stop responding)
  • you can now delete the *contents* of your "kJams Library" folder and kJams will rebuild. Previously you'd have to have deleted the folder itself. There is no check that you've really actually deleted everything, so you're on your own there
  • the "new update is available" dialog now has a "Details" button that brings you here

x.1b19 May 3, 2020, The "Jane Goodall" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • windows: put back old audio code that was crashing but hopefully won't crash? (much edited)
  • version checking and download links are now redirects, so if those links ever CHANGE in the future, older apps (starting with this one) will still be able to get the updated links
  • there's now a "what's new" section in the "check for updates" dialog, so you can see what's coming (only shows most recent changes)

x.1b18 April 21, 2020, The "Quarantinewhile" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • you don't care
    • updated python function that returns the current SDK version to just find it in the file system, rather than my having to manually enter it whenever the SDK version changes
    • updated function CFDebugBreak() so it breaks on both mac and windows
    • updated function CPlayList::GetRenameFile() so "forceB" actually works for all playlist types
    • created easier method to create coupon codes for third party affiliates
  • on startup, while loading playlists, if a playlist with the ID of the one you're loading already exists, we make note of the current playlist's name and ensure the NEW one has a different name, based on it's file name
  • we now simply skip loading a playlist who's file size is zero, and we summarily and quietly delete it
  • if Karaoke.Net [soon to be renamed "Party Tyme (Downloads)"] has an error during a purchase operation, the dialog that shows now names the music store that had trouble. previously it was just the message and it wasn't clear which store the problem came from
  • more "safety net" error handling while loading the database on startup
  • same thing but regarding dialogs (opening and closing dialog windows)
  • holy shit fixed the windows crasher (right at the start of a song)

x.1b17 Dec 4, 2019, The "SugarBear" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed crashes and asserts
  • Windows: the "messenger" text draws a little more cleanly

x.1b16 Nov 26, 2019, The "Vegan Thanksgiving" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Win: fixed assert error re: audio (s_this). also fixed the left over audio tasks that prevent you from quitting
  • ffmpeg may now be placed in the kJams Prefs folder, or in the kJams Plugins folder. but if you don't, the built in one will be used (used to demux mpeg1 files). no longer need to install the tools to get it to work, since it's LGPL
  • mac: you can now opt into using SoundTouch for pitch changing (in the secret prefs: hold option key when invoking prefs). note i don't recommend it
  • in the Audio prefs, you can now edit the SoundTouch key changing parameters, to try to find better key changing sound
  • win: fixed asserts about color

x.1b15 Nov 2, 2019, The "Bedside Fan" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed the ability of kJams to find / create a temp folder, when the "kJams" folder itself is on a "shared" volume, like a network volume or one created by virtual machine host OS (when running in the guest OS)
  • if you happen to have a defunct music store xml file lying around, kJams will no longer assert fail on startup
  • you can open producer again with a KTP file and not get an assert
  • fixed some font problems, created others (Producer fonts are a bit wacky)

x.1b14r1 Oct 8, 2019, The "Bernie Fuckin' Sanders" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Mac: in the General prefs, the "update frequency" popup was showing the wrong menu. fixed.
  • Windows: in prefs->Tags, there's a pref "Delay time after click to start edit (seconds)", which has NEVER worked. the default was 3/4 seconds, which is what you always get, no matter WHAT you set there. In fact, what you set there would change "Delay time after editing to store tags to files (seconds)". OOPS!
  • FIXED BUG: when getting disc info from freedb or musicbrainz, if it returned multiple discs, when you picked one kJams would say it couldn't be found.
  • Windows: the updater would install the update, but incorrectly set some settings, causing the OLD version to run. this is fixed, though you MAY still have an old copy of kJams now on your system. the fix for that is to uninstall both copies, then reinstall. you won't lose your playlists or songs.

x.1b13 Sept 29, 2019, The "Sondheim" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • 64bit
    • got most of the buttons in the main window drawing, but they don't track (highlight when you click them) or actually do anything
    • you can select playlists and the right data shows up!!!
    • getting actual work done on the SQL database. nothing to show just yet
  • fixed a crasher when pulling meta data from certain mp3 files
  • fixed problem with messenger font drawing (was drawing all black, is SUPPOSED to draw black text with white outline)
  • fixed ASSERT related to playing MediaStream files

x.1b12 Sept 23, 2019, The "Clairmont" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • 64bit
    • help buttons now work in dialogs
    • implemented Stores pref panel (not the stores preferences sub-dialog, just the panel in the main prefs)
    • hired a helper who's good at SQL! he's working on the database
    • got the "About kJams" (crazy rainbow) ACTUALLY WORKING OMG!
  • if KaraokeCloud fails to load the catalog, you'll now get an error instead of silence
  • if you click the "help" icon next to Include Store songs in “Library”, it takes you to the right place
  • when you go help->tech support, it will just download rather than taking you to the dropbox web site
  • omg wow: if you do a Restore the selection dialog will work correctly, if you hit cancel (also shows day of the week now)
  • windows: fixed ability to drag and drop from explorer into kJams

x.1b11r1 Sept 5, 2019, The "Fall of Rome" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win
Note: On Aug 30, "b11" was released only for mac. This version, "b11r1", is for both mac and windows

  • 64bit:
    • Sources (tree) view is done, not using SQLite for that
    • working on Tracks (table) view
  • Mac: you'll no longer see the "Paddle" icon in your dock when you run kJams
  • when sending log file (email) from help menu, again it correctly sets up the subject string
  • help->tech support now gets the installer from dropbox, not my web site (which is still having trouble)
  • macOS: version NAME is correctly reported
  • macOS: resolving alias data using CFURL Bookmark method, not FS method
  • macOS: now warns NOT to upgrade to Catalina, because reasons

x.1b10 July 31, 2019, The "New Fence" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • windows: prefs dialog never gets too small to see all the panel list items
  • when "upgrading" kJams (eg: from lite to pro, or pro to 2), don't crash after the purchase
  • fixed it so you can just copy a SN from an "upgraded" kJams to a new computer and have it "just work"
  • fixed so right clicking a text edit during startup won't crash

x.1b9 July 29, 2019, The "Debates" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • fixed a crash on mac when trying to "recover" serial numbers
  • fixed the "recover" workflow to ask if you have a coupon code
  • after "converting" a serial number, doing "about kJams" should now report "Paddle"

x.1b8 July 26, 2019, The "Moonwalk Karaoke" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • no, really, i think i really DID fix the crash on windows. really!

x.1b7 July 25, 2019, The "Ride the Duck" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • i think i fixed the paddle crash! Update: no, i didn't

x.1b4 July 19, 2019, The "Stray Cat Strut" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • plugins now also show whether they're handled by Paddle or eSellerate
  • fixed a problem properly registering via Paddle
  • more asserts and logging WRT paddle trying to quash the windows crash
  • Karaoke.Net store's "activity window progress bars" again display with nice names, instead of with unreadable URLs
  • Paddle errors are again correctly shown instead of silently failing

x.1b1 July 16, 2019, The "Space Needle" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • windows paddle: fixed crash if you got all the way to the "The license (Serial Number) format has changed" dialog, you click okay and you'd crash. fixed that.
  • when you pick "about kJams" it will now say whether you are using Paddle or eSellerate

1.1b0 July 9, 2019, The "Marin County Fair" version

Lite Mac, Pro Mac, 2 Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win 2 Win

  • Turned on the new Paddle ecommerce system: no longer optional


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