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Some years ago, in anticipation of moving to a 64bit platform, kJams transitioned from the old serial number type (provided by eCommerce company "eSellerate"), to the new serial number type (provided by "Paddle").

"eSellerate" is 32bit-only, while "Paddle" could be run in 32 or 64bit. In other words, the old serial number works only on 32bit computers, while the new SN works in either type.

What that means is, ONLY the old, 32bit version of kJams is capable of converting the old SN to the new SN, since it can use both systems.

So if you are now using the 64bit version of kJams, but you ONLY have an old (32bit) serial number, you're in a bit of a bind.

On Windows the solution is easy: run the current 32bit version of kJams (latest update), and convert your SN from 32 to 64. Then you can use your new SN in the 64bit version of kJams.

On Mac, it's a bit harder: you may not have access to the old, 32bit operating system any more (Mojave). You'll have to find an old mac that runs Mojave, or find a Windows computer, to convert your old SN to the new SN format, which you can then use in kJams.

How to convert an older serial number

  1. run the LATEST version of kJams (32bit) on a computer that supports it. Doesn't matter which type, mac or windows (even if your goal is to eventually use mac)
  2. enter your serial number
  3. kjams will walk you through upgrading the serial number to the new type
  4. when that is complete, you'll get an email with your new SN, and kJams will be activated
  5. if you're then going to move to a different computer:
    1. in kJams, go to the menu bar and pick Help->Deactivate, which will deactivate your new SN

Now you can run kJams (64bit) and enter the new serial number.

Maybe I had already converted?

If you think you may have already converted your license, then try this:

  1. run kjams
  2. in the menu bar, pick "Help->Recover License…"
  3. ensure that the email address you used for your license is correct, hit OK

If all goes well, you will get an email with your serial number in it.

What if I can't convert the old one?

If you can't find or get to a computer that can run the 32bit version of kJams, the only way out is to just purchase kJams again. Sorry about that. (But I do thank you, i've literally been working for five years to port kJams to 64bit)