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Mac users

Here's the scoop from Apple, and more details from Wikipedia.

10.14 ("Mojave", the current OS) fully supports 32bit. I have tested kJams on 10.14, and found it to work just fine. So even though Apple says “[32 bit] with compromises”, I have found no compromises with kJams. It will periodically tell you the app is not optimized, and instruct you to contact me. Rest assured I know about this.
10.15 ("Catalina", due out around September 2019) will NOT support 32bit

DO NOT UPGRADE to 10.15 (Catalina) until kJams itself tells you it's safe to upgrade!

There is no timeline: it will be done when it's done. I've hired a helper now to make it go faster.

FYI: the current 32bit kJams will continue to run on older systems, and be maintained for the foreseeable future

Windows Users

You got nothin' to worry about, since Windows continues to support 32 bit apps, and probably won't stop for a very long time.
After the 64bit transition, you will be automatically upgraded to the 64bit version of kJams.

Sorry for any confusion.


Track what i'm currently working on here

Updates (most recent at top):

  1. Hired a NEW contractor to write the database / data browser (yes!)
  2. packaged up project and it's now posted on kJams, Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, and Qt Forums
  3. slowly chipping away at getting the data browser (tracks list / table view) working enough that i can hand it to someone who knows what they're doing
  4. got the Sources list (tree view) working
  5. paused the entire shebang so i could switch to Paddle
  6. we can see the database, but that's it
  7. Hired a contractor to write the database / data browser (yes!) honestly i did most of the work and he was VERY difficult to work with, so he's gone. i need someone else now
  8. Preparing to hire a contractor to write the media player
  9. have a preliminary Qt project for kJams that correctly loads all the menus with their keyboard shortcuts (both mac and windows) and the main window shell (which does nothing at all) note: those are actual screen shots of the 64bit app!!
  10. updated all my developer tools to latest (Xcode, "BootCamp" Windows 10, and MSDEV 2017, Qt 5.11.2 for both mac and windows
  11. upgraded my computer (brand new 2018 MBP)