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Paddle is the new eCommerce "Shopping Cart" that kJams uses to enable users to make purchases, create and manage subscriptions, and handle licensing and serial numbers.

On Mac, Paddle requires macOS 10.10 or better to function.
On Windows: it currently requires .Net3.5, but will soon require .Net4.0

How to update

  1. it probably goes without saying but: DO NOT DO THIS before a show
  2. Make sure you install the very latest kJams
  3. Windows: SAVE the installer, rather than run it, you'll need to run it twice if you don't have .NET installed
  4. Install kJams
  5. Windows users only:
    1. do all software updates, this may take several restarts and several "check for update" clicks, keep going till it says there are no more updates
    2. To install .NET 3.5, see a video tutorial for Windows 10, or for Windows 7 & 8.
    3. What to do if you get an error
  6. launch kJams, you may have to let it thru Windows Defender
  7. if kJams is in Tryout mode enter your serial numbers.
  8. if you had an old-style (eSellerate) serial number, kJams will now walk you through the automatic and free conversion to the new licensing system.

let me know if you have questions

If something goes wrong

You can reset all cached data related to kJams licensing with Paddle, by trashing this folder:

  • Mac:
    • /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/PaddleServer
  • Windows:
    • C:\ProgramData\PaddleWrapper