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The History of d51 is every change i've made to d50: chronological order (latest at bottom)

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The Starting From Scratch version

d50r0 December 30 2008 Lite Pro

  • when a singer makes a change using the web client (web clients include iphone/itouch), the change is reflected in (KJ)Rotation as well
  • web client can now drag-and-drop reorder a song into the last position (past the previous last song) and not cause an assert crash
  • Bonjour name is now "kJams: <venue name> (<machine name>)". Had to add machine name cuz you can have N machines on the LAN running kJams with the same venue name.
  • when using KJPro database, if it's one where there's 2 copies of each song on the disc, the second one having lead vocal track, and the DB does not have the 2nd tracks listed, it will still work
  • OMG long standing big bad bug related to adding to library: the progress bar got all wrong (also fixed), and many songs would simply not even load!! So be aware that "add to library" that you did in the past may not have gotten all the folders inside the folder you added!! (especially if you had a mix of files and folders and there were more than 100 on any level)
  • If there's an error using the Tricerasoft store, you get a better error message.
  • if you had a playlist called "Library" this could have wreaked havoc, this is now fixed, it's fine to name a playlist "Library" if you want
  • added a "Language" meta data, feel free
  • the "Buy Song" button is back, and any text that was measured before and was failing (causing problems with MediaStream files) works again
  • the Focus ring got messed up recently, it could have appeared to be hiliting the sources or the tracks, but in fact would NOT be, so things like play, pause, stop, or delete and many other commands would fail to work, with no explanation. This happened after you had gone into text edit mode in either sources or tracks list, then canceled out of it (with escape, or by clicking away)
  • the Web Server preference panel is now turned on without you having to hold "option key", ready for prime time i think.

d50r1 January 4 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed eSellerate on 10.3.9 Hosed again by eSellerate. The "Fix" they sent to me was nothing of the kind.
  • KJPro is always turned on, configured, and the pref panel is hidden
  • support for CAVS "ENGLISH.INX" meta data files
  • Video window no longer "remembers" the most recent background color when you stop a song
  • Bonjour venue name is no longer followed by Machine name (you don't *really* need it)

d50r2 January 8 2009 Lite Pro

  • you can now use the "Color" meta data column to assign System 7 style color labels to your songs. No, OSX doesn't let you apply OSX style color labels, WTF? You can select multiple and set them all at once. Update: I've figured out how to use the OSX finder label colors.
  • You can now assign a file to a song that will always be launched when you play the song. you can use it to launch an applescript to do anything you can imagine (set the stage lights, run a midi file, open a text file with lyrics, send an email, anything you can imagine). Advanced->Special->Set / Clear Launch File
  • if your song's meta data is just filled with spaces, this will be corrected to just be empty
  • fixed KJPro disc track number problem for multiplex discs which list only the non-vocal versions
  • file paths with a tilde in them will always work
  • you can now edit the "Key Changes" meta data
  • the "Key" meta data can be made wider
  • if your ID3 tags or other meta data has all spaces, it will be interpreted as "-". The reason for this is sometimes you *accidentally* delete meta data and hit enter, this is disallowed, it just ignores your setting, so to *really* delete it i make you type a "-", and now a " " is accepted as well.
  • you can set a secret pref to launch all your midi files using any program you want, rather than have kJams play them
  • launching *again* no longer causes prefs file to get dirty
  • the "Color" property has been renamed "Label" as it used the Finder label colors and names
  • you can now MUCH more easily click in a cell to edit it (in the browser)
  • you can now click anywhere in a row to drag and drop
  • Singers' Tempo, Pitch and Rating no longer inherit from the Library
  • meta data is now pushed more reliably when the volume is offline, or when it is to a zip file and the volume is offline
  • clearing all Tonight lists will set everyone's "here" to OFF (send them all home)
  • I now ask AirFoil for it's exact audio latency (i had guessed correctly at -2 seconds)
  • you can now edit BPM
  • you can now (shift-)alt-tab to edit the (previous)next SONG's meta data in the browser. eg: say you're editing song name, alt-tab lets you edit the NEXT song's name

d50r3 January 14 2009 Lite Pro

  • new secret pref "Stop Between Tracks", edit your prefs file and set it to true to use it, overrides "pause between tracks"
  • "abort tasks" phase of quitting has more robust error handling
  • saving database has slightly better error handling
  • there's a new "iJams" screen you can show in the video menu
  • tried to fix logged error of .sdef file, who knows
  • no longer leaking tons of NS stuff at startup and when you start to a rip to a quicktime format
  • "warn when interrupting song" is honored by the play buttons at the top left of the browser

d50r4 January 21 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed a bug where push meta was failing. It should now re-push anything it missed before, don't worry.

d50r5 January 22 2009 Lite Pro

  • Fixed that crasher when saving the DB. WHEW!
  • no longer creating empty "Songs Meta.xml" files
  • i now clean up left over empty "Songs Meta.xml" files

d50r6 January 23 2009 Lite Pro

  • Music store purchase will fail rather than crash, when you do not have certain one-click settings correctly set
  • no longer asking to find a missing file twice. if you hit cancel, it won't ask again right away. I hope.
  • no longer directing folks to "scan for orphans" if they try to add a song that is inside the "kJams Music" folder.
  • I've put a dire warning up when you try to change the "kJams Music" folder, this is a tech support head ache because most people assume they know what it's for, and they are wrong, which gets them into trouble, and then i have to untangle their mess.
  • a bit of diagnostic logging for when a string encoding utterly fails
  • singer list is no longer limited to 200 when using web server or iJams
  • if you log in to the kJams web server via an iPhone or Touch, you're redirected to the iJams page in the iTunes store
  • more diagnostic code for eSellerate, which is pissing me off, i have to switch away from them
  • you can now (theoretically) auto-reclaim a Serial Number Activation if it is older than 3 months. (You don't buy a computer every 3 months do you?)
  • Producer: Fade Blobs now include a "clear the screen to black" instruction at the end

d50r7 March 10 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed volume knob / echo with MPEG1 files
  • the log file again properly lists the song name, rather than "%@"
  • the time string appended to newly added playlists has changed: it is now short form (no day designation, and now uses numbers, eg: was "Fri, Apr 17" and is now "4/17/09") This is only because i changed the way i get dates and i'm lazy. If anyone complains i'll put it back the way it was.
  • fixed a couple bugs related to "Add to Library..." (crashers!)
  • zipping files is now done in a much safer way, each zip gets it's own uniquely named directory to live in while constructing, ensuring no files are ever overwritten.
  • no longer reporting AltiVec in the log file (who cares?)
  • Producer: Fade blobs now include a "clear screen" instruction, to prevent color flashing if the next instruction happens to be "set palette"
  • Network timeout defaults to 30 seconds instead of 10
  • Serial numbers with a 1 at the beginning will now work (doh!)

d50r8 May 5 2009 Lite Pro

  • scrubbing no longer hangs when you drag to the very end
  • near-complete re-plumbing of old DataBrowser callbacks to new style that is compatible with the Windows code base (yikes!)
  • NEO+G discs now work just like SuperCDG discs
  • when adding to library, the progress bar updates more reliably, and is a bit faster
  • if you drag and dropped a folder from the finder into a playlist, it always works now
  • undo cut copy and paste now work reliably when editing text in the browser
  • in the Get Info dialog for a song, shift-tab now goes to every field

d50r9 May 13 2009 Lite Pro

  • new meta data "trim start", "trim end", allows you to set Trimming to cut off the start/end
  • new meta data Volume actually works now.
  • you can now set an export name template for when you export BIN files, this is a secret pref
  • added a bandaid to the bug of where it says "you must have exactly one song selected to play". Now, you get a button to "fix it". Then you can play your song.
  • Moved the Sync-Slipping into a sub-menu off the Controls menu
  • you can now drag and drop .flv files into kJams

d50r10 May 19 2009 Lite Pro

  • you can now set the maximum number of songs allowed for "unpacking" while you are exporting BIN files, using a secret pref
  • started work on support for KaraFun files (only the recent file format, not the earlier one). When it is done, they will only show the lyrics as a MediaStream file, you won't get the videos or photos in the background. This is on hold until i get another feature request for KFN files.
  • fixed version reporting. For both main app and the plugins.
  • Pro: the "Rotation" screen will now fade away when you start a new song, all the time
  • NEO+G discs should no longer cause a crash when ripping
  • secret pref to enable "test" music store (uses fake credit card and you'll always get a really bad Bon Jovi song no matter what song you pick) (for testing only) (do not use this please)
  • when adding to library, files no longer get renamed when they should not be
  • when adding to library, you no longer get 2 copies of the same exact database entry (song) for each song

d50r11 May 26 2009 Lite Pro

  • if you use TrackType to get a song (or any of the others, for that matter) and the server erroneously returns an empty list, but says it found *something*, then you don't get the dialog that has NO CHOICES in it, so you can't press the OK button, causing a crash. Instead, it correctly says "Disc not found". Duh.
  • KJPro works again, i don't know WTF went wrong, but the pref got set to "don't use it" for some reason, so it always said "Disc not found". Who knows.
  • if you use the "Get It" button in the Burning plugin pref pane, (or the Producer pref pane, if you hold down the option key when picking Preferences), then the plugin is given an actual name in the resulting dialog which asks you to quit and run again, rather that being called “”.
  • Producer: the Check Boxes in the Inspector window work again. Why did nobody tell me about that??
  • no longer using FSSpec for critical operations like "Reveal in Finder", "Count files in folder", and "File Copy", which would fail on FAT32 volumes! EEK! This was causing rips to leave clutter temp files around, among other problems.
  • when getting Track Info from an online source, and you're using a Playlist rather than a CD, if some songs are missing, it tells you that rather than telling you the disc was not found.
  • if a zip file is missing, it no longer asks you to find it TWICE
  • lots more logging info is available if i want to turn it on
  • better logging of "reveal in finder"
  • new preference (check box) for "Conform Song Names" in the Tags prefs. please leave it checked. please. If you DO turn it off, "Push File Names" is disabled in the menus
  • there was a bug in the "do not ask when deleting entire library" pref, it would always ask. now it is optional (with pref set)
  • Getting a ref to "this" application now uses modern code
  • MediaStream files no longer re-parse the name/artist/album fields whenever you use them. now they ONLY get parsed during "add to library" tho i *could* hook it into "pull meta data" (which would make sense) if anyone cared
  • the "Get Media Info" dialog lets you click in the font size text box again, tho it still doesn't track your click (!?!)
  • if you drag a song from the finder into a non-library playlist, then interpret by name, then hit cancel, you don't crash
  • When showing the "Rotation" template screen, it will include the current song at the top, as long as it's been less than 15 seconds since it started. You can change the number of seconds by editing your prefs file's "How long to keep curent song in rotation screen (seconds)" tag
  • Fixed the "duplicate file name" bug that happens during save some times

d50r12 June 13 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed a pretty lame bug in eSellerate which could cause your kJams to go back to tryout mode. It is a love-hate relationship.
  • You can now re-load the music store by right clicking on it and picking "reload music store"
  • fixed a bug where if the music store xml file was zeroed out it will re-download
  • there is now a "Cue to start" menu item with the key shortcut: ⌥C
  • if you try to quit while a song is playing, you'll get the "are you sure" dialog, even when you do NOT have the "warn on interrupting current song" turned on
  • added a pref so you can optionally enable "warn on interrupting current song" only when using the transport controls (back, forward, play, stop, cue etc)
  • fixed a potential leak regarding drawing icons
  • fixed a crasher when drawing the stop sign icon in the tasks window
  • fixed a hang on quit problem

d50r13 June 24 2009 Lite Pro

  • File->Add to Library… works again
  • no more hang/crash on quit due to icons getting over-disposed
  • there is now a secret pref: "Browser Font Size" default is 11 points. you probably shouldn't go over 22 points
  • the tilde character ("~") is no longer expanded (to your home folder path) when it appears within a string. only if it appears at the very start of the string.
  • CFStrCreateWithCurAbsTime() shouldn't have crashed, but now with more shouldn't!!
  • if there is no default encoding, it's now set to kCFStringEncodingMacRoman
  • "Here" singers are now bold AND italic!
  • should not crash if you quit JUST when the tricera store is about to parse
  • when quitting and there are halted or stubborn tasks, you no longer hang, they just get killed after 4 seconds
  • i put in a KISS feature that prevents you from purchasing the burning plugin unless you've already bought kJams proper. Ya know how many people go and buy the burning plugin, thinking they're buying the Application??!?! you'd be surprised.

d50r14 June 30 2009 Lite Pro

  • Auto Cue threshold can now be set by editing your prefs file
  • there's a new secret pref for turning on CoreGraphics so you get slightly smoother CDG graphics. note: it breaks some things
  • icons are now derived from PNG files so they can be cross platform
  • deleting a song from a singer does not mark them "here"
  • clicking "buy song" in the music store does not cause the album popup to draw as stars
  • fixed crasher related to setting the progress on a half-constructed audio player
  • you can now use 'venu' as a template name in a producer-created ShowScreens, it will resolve to the name of the current venue
  • if you have the word " Folder" as part of a song name, it will be removed (note the preceding space)
  • you can now shut off "KJPro" in the "freedb" pref panel
  • got rid of the dumb "nag screen" if you ever ran the Pro version then decided to go with the lite version. it only happened when the "Singers" folder was left over. Deleting the singers folder would get rid of the nag, but i #@%^# hate nags anyway so i don't know why it was even there. anyway, gone.
  • fixed a bug where the "date added" field wasn't being saved when you did add to library
  • fixed a bug where meta data would stop loading after import if anything needed to get written (eg: date added)

d50r15 July 28 2009 Lite Pro

  • The music store will only ask to update once per month now, and it will ASK if you want to update, rather than just doing it without asking. (You can always right click on the store and go "refresh")
  • updating the music store should no longer crash
  • ripping certain NEO+G songs from certain discs no longer crashes
  • CAVS files weren't playing from SuperCDG discs, now they do again
  • songs played from SuperCDG or NEO+G discs no longer leave tons of cruft in the cache folder
  • ripping and entire disc of SuperCDG or NEO+G discs should no longer crash
  • CDPedia gets a mention in the logs on startup
  • new secret pref "interval for all music store checks" in seconds, how long to wait to ask to update music store again, probably should be in days oh well

d50r17 Aug 7 2009 Lite Pro

  • the Auto Cue feature now rewinds 1/4 second after finding the first sample, so you don't miss it :)
  • the music store will stop asking you to update, if you hit the cancel button.
  • When you rename a playlist, the Sources list re-alphabetizes, like it should
  • you now have the option of "Do Nothing" when you insert a CD (and this is the new default, it used to always "show list" but this may not be desired, the other options are still not implemented)
  • naked audio files and TunePromter files (and all MediaStream files) will play again, was busted
  • no longer get assert when removing a singer from the rotation
  • secret pref to NOT add em-dashes to the album name on QT Exported items
  • fixed a bug where if you replace "Song Name" with something else, say "artist name" in the rotation template, it would show the first singer for all singers, now it shows all singers
  • you can now hold down the option key to add to library for songs inside the "kJams Music" folder. this is dangerous.
  • on startup, you get a progress bar about loading the music store
  • when you mark a singer "Here", they get bolded and moved to the top of the sources list, like before
  • Pro: the Print command takes you to the Printing page
  • the menu item "Messenger Rotation" works now
  • new secret pref "dont replace missing producer templates", lets you delete stuff from the Producer Templates folder and not have them re-appear
  • you can put a tilde (~) in front of a producer template name and it will not load

d50r18 Aug 12 2009 Lite Pro

  • if your Music Store playlist is just plain missing, kJams will ask you if you want to refresh it, even if it hasn't waited a month.
  • if you try to "reveal in finder" the "Music Stores" folder, you don't get an assert
  • Pro: you can turn on a secret pref to show the "messenger" rotation when the song is 88% completed: "Show Messenger Rotation Between Songs"
  • no longer crash when showing ShowScreens
  • you can show the ShowScreen "kJams Producer" and it will show info for the current song, rather than the name of the current song and the artist from the NEXT song (!?)
  • there's a new menu item "Enter Custom Screen Message", lets you enter a custom message for later. Then, you can show eg: "Message" and it will show your message. This way you can make up a dozen message screens, and use whichever one you want.
  • if you put a tilde in front of a Producer Template, you don't ALSO have to set the secret pref "dont replace missing producer templates"
  • you can now right click on a singer and pick "Set Singer to Not Here"
  • when you edit a showscreen (Producer template) you can specify a path to a graphic that starts in your home folder using /~. eg: if your picture is in your Pictures folder called pic.jpg, you can have this in your element: "[/~/Pictures/pic.jpg]

d50r19 Aug 13 2009 Lite Pro

  • no longer crashing when just sticking in a CD (doh!)

d50r20 Aug 14 2009 Lite Pro

  • the "Messenger Rotation" now has it's own secret pref so you can change the template for the song name. the one you want is "Messenger Rotation Template". the default is "[name]" which just shows the song name. you can change that to any Xattr style meta data ID you want, eg: "[arts]" to display the artist or "[name], [arts]" to display both name and artist. note there is no control over the singer name
  • when copying a playlist selection to the clipboard, "#" and "PLI" will now function as expected
  • there is a new GUI pref for showing Messenger Rotation, available for both lite and pro
  • NTFS Volumes are expressly denied now, you can not use them with kJams, period.
  • when adding to library, the "count" phase updates the progress bar so you don't think it's hung
  • if you add a file to an empty library then hit cancel, it does not delete the library playlist
  • got rid of "Half Size", cuz who cares? got rid of line between tripple and full size, reorg'd the shortcuts, sorry
  • "Hide Screen" is now command-8
  • when exporting to quicktime, the meta data no longer has any em-dashes or crazy "half height" colons in it
  • your Producer or ShowScreen graphics should come back now, sorry they disappeared for a bit there
  • Auto Cue button works even if the pref is shut off
  • fixed a crasher that happens, umm, randomly when you're using, um, kjams, or something, somewhere. but yay.

d50r21 Aug 20 2009 Lite Pro

  • DOH! some people reported "unix error" when simply "adding to library" YIKES! Fixed!

d50r22 Aug 20 2009 Lite Pro

  • when you use "Rip to BIN/CUE" you no longer get an assert fail at the end (that was harmless anyway)
  • when you use "Rip to BIN/CUE" it again writes a proper CUE file that actually matches the bin file
  • when you use "Rip to BIN/CUE" the "assembling bin file" progress bar no longer jumps around. it still doesn't "work" in that it is always indeterminate, but that's better than jumping randomly
  • the export->BIN/CUE function has been split to export multiple (individual) bin files with 1 cue file, or 1 (composite) Bin/Cue file pair
  • exporting multiple bin/cue will export into a folder
  • exporting bin/cue will now name the bin and cue files according to your playlist name and secret pref bin template name, and a secret pref to include the track (sort) index (#) in the name too (NOT the same as track number, which is the random number from the original disc)
  • you can now export to CSV file. all strings are quoted, hope that's what you want. be sure to set up your columns first
  • fixed a bug where the app could get into full screen mode (no menu bar, no dock) when the video window wasn't showing. this caused endless confusion (the way out was to press command-zero)
  • the TriceraSoft music store now has reduced the price of all ZOOM songs from $2.49 to $1.99 YAY. kJams informs you of this and lets you update your store even if you have done it recently
  • music store "Album" columns do not have the "switchable albums" popup
  • the "messenger" stuff is now available to Lite users
  • "messenger" can now enter a custom message then show it over and over, if you're into that sort of thing
  • when using the "copy paste" method of creating a disc label or song book, or when exporting CSV, the PLI index and the "#" column now show correct numbers always

d50r23 Sept 1 2009 Lite Pro

  • fix bogus music store alert
  • fix crasher related to bogus music store alert

d50r24 Sept 2 2009 Lite Pro

  • kjams imports and plays wmv files correctly now. (don't forget to install Flip4Mac)
  • when you "twirl up" a singer's list of playlists, the singer gets selected if one of their lists was selected, rather than selecting the list of singers
  • singer is NOT marked here when you delete stuff from their tonight list (i mean it this time!)
  • sometimes meta data would be forgotten, fixed that. oops.
  • fixed assert-crash when adding to library
  • when pushing meta data into an m4v or mp4 file, it works.
  • fixed some corruption when using the network (does not fix crasher, that is apple's fault)

d50r25 Sept 8 2009 Lite Pro

  • you shouldn't be getting "critical update" dialogs the first time you run, nor later after you've updated
  • you won't get the "your stores are out of date" the second time you run, cuz they're not
  • auto-mark "here" works again (sorry, broke it)
  • no more assert about left overs after a network thing gets cancelled or fails
  • oh, and one more thing: there is a Sound Choice music store now (called Karaoke Locker)

d50r26 Sept 10 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed the problem of zipped MP4+G files pretending to be corrupted (they're not)
  • Karaoke Locker store now gets a progress bar when you DL the songs
  • fixed the ASSERT "karaoke locker music store parse error" repeat forever! DOH!
  • fixed a problem where kJams would fail to complete the download of some songs from Karaoke Locker
  • testing the karaoke locker music store will result in downloading "Gilligan's Island" no matter what song you buy
  • fixed a bug where singers in the rotation would be skipped (only when last person had no more songs)
  • fixed a crasher in Producer when the lyrics started too early to fit in the start of the song
  • copy to clipboard and export CSV will now recover slashes and colons correctly (no more crazy non-ascii)

d50r27 Sept 15 2009 Lite Pro

  • push metadata was busted on zipped mp3+g

d50r28 Sept 16 2009 Lite Pro

  • Karaoke Locker music store no longer erroneously reports the credit card is bad, but still charges you (DOH!)
  • if there IS an error in the purchase, an email is created for you to send me so i can diagnose it

d50r29 Sept 18 2009 Lite Pro

  • Karaoke Locker music store
    • if an error occurs and the return string is empty, don't print anything
    • requires any kind of telephone number > 9 digits
    • if you download a song from the web or email, then add it to the Library, kJams won't crash.
    • if the downloaded song can not be unzipped (ie: it's corrupted, yes some of them are) then an email is auto-created that you can send to me so i can get the songs fixed up
    • if the purchase fails for whatever reason, a much more detailed email is auto-created that you can send so i can diagnose the problem
  • All Music stores: if the "last date checked" function fails due to "no date" i'll know in the log file. Symptom: the store tell you to update itself *every* time you launch kJams

d50r30 Sept 19 2009 Lite Pro

  • the Tricera music store will no longer say it must update every time you launch (only happened if you had your Date system prefs set to non-english)
  • when upgrading from Lite to Pro, it works. (used to utterly fail in like four places)
  • updating the Producer plugin works too
  • there is now an optional 2nd "Street" field in the one-click settings dialog
  • the "phone number" field is now actually used in the Karaoke Locker store
  • re-zipped (converted) songs now use canonical name even for cdg part
  • when exporting all files "flat" you can now say you know what you're doing if you don't have all the uniquifying elements in the conform name template
  • new eSellerate engine no longer crashes on 10.6
  • fixed crasher in Producer when building CDG stream
  • prepping for use of boost::threads
  • files that kJams zipps up no longer have the creation date off by one month (so when you unzip them the date is correct on the unzipped file)

d50r31 Sept 25 2009 Lite Pro

  • now logging number of songs in library
  • no longer assert fail crash durationT when you go to download anything
  • fixed potential crasher during startup

d50r32 Sept 27 2009 Lite Pro

  • finally fixed the "skip silence at start of song" bug which would make your audio completely silent. (same bug: using "trim start")
  • i think this also fixed the "drag the playhead before the song is completely unpacked" bug
  • new applescript functions: "get time" and "get mode" documented here.
  • nothing for you here, move along: changing the way i do Timers to be more cross platform, more boost::thread work
  • renaming a singer will now make the list re-sort again
  • you can again drag a singer into the Rotation list
  • you can now drag a selection of singers into a regular playlist and they will be converted to songs. hmm, what happens if the singer has no song?
  • Cleaned up tons of Threads code (preemptive, cooperative, timer, idle timer, drift free timer). please test that the following are not broken:
    • QuickTime export
    • version checking (check for updates)
    • file deletion (purge cache)
    • spooling (basically everything in the app, more info here) Note: test WMV encoded audio files separately, they take a different path than all other audio file types
    • push meta
    • downloading
    • burn icon spinny thing
    • ripping, burning
    • encoding MP3
    • no sleep timer (when playing) so the screen saver should never activate
    • idle timer, graphics timer, save the database timer (this one is especially important, methinks)
    • artwork panel open / close "woosh"
    • messenger, including the one in the browser LDC window
    • producer timeline animation when playing
    • posted alert messages
  • windows media export is disabled, cuz it fails anyway (Flip4Mac). If you care, let me know.
  • adding a monster list to a playlist now happens all at once. eg: after downloading the music store, after the "parsing" progress bar hits 100%, it would go back to barber poles for several seconds while adding each individual item. now it's all at once, so those barber poles are gone, maybe that's lame. it's a bit brain dead in the optimization, i'll revisit this
  • more logging info when updating a singer's playlist. some people report crashes in that area.
  • fixed a pretty lame timing bug in CAVS file playback (mcg, ncg, cdg), where the timing would get progressively worse (the lyrics would get later) as the song plays
  • fixed a hang if you scrub the timeline to the very end
  • you can show "Singer ID" meta data column if you enable the secret text pref
  • fixed a bug in producer that would cause overlapping and super jumbled graphics

d50r33 Oct 14 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed ability of kJams to run on G3 PPC machines (was busted for a couple revs)
  • fixed the Lite version's ability to use Messenger menu item functions
  • sending the Log file again works on OS 10.4 (please will you upgrade? i think it's time)
  • fixed a leak when un-escaping URL percent escapes
  • the Tricera Music Store will now download 10x faster (cuz it's now zipped)
  • zip-codes auto-pad with zeroes to get up to 5 digits
  • no longer double-escaping the URL strings for the tricera store (Was causing failures)
  • if you get any kind of purchase failure, you're given the option to edit your 1 click settings
  • when quitting, changed the string "Removing Songs" to "Clearing Song List", so you don't freak out
  • nextID in the song database now has a mutex around it
  • only the Pro version gets scripting. (yes, previously the Lite version accidentally allowed scripting)
  • if you don't use AppleMail, then the crash report email gets set with "kJams Crash Report" subject, rather than "kJams Feedback"
  • the "About" screen with the rainbow is all high-rez now, using a timer to run in the background.
  • Advanced->Convert is no longer enabled when you're showing a CD playlist, this was confusing people
  • got rid of the "i_leftOver" assert
  • i now have float pixel buffers (used in about rainbow screen)
  • prefs now only set themselves dirty on the main thread

d50r34 Oct 27 2009 Lite Pro

  • Now if you attempt to run more than one kJams at a time, you get told that you can't, and the 2nd copy quits.
  • there were several places in the code where the Video window was starved for events. The symptom was: stuttering video lyrics. the stuttering could last as long as a second, sometimes even longer. this has been minimized down to a very VERY small stutter, i think it's about 1/5th second now. much much better.
  • on startup, with a very large library (say 50k or more) there was a small delay which has been eliminated
  • when you use the "About kJams" function, you can now do ⌘-1 to get "native" pixel size for the rainbow screen
  • the HSV calculations are a bit more optimized (used in the rainbow about screen, you'll get a better frame rate)
  • reinterpret names can now deal with double dashes

d50r35 Oct 30 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed a recursion crash when getting a file's volume path
  • fixed venue switching (??)
  • ID3 tags are no longer written with em-dashes and stuff, just regular dashes now
  • lots more stuff works with "Use Core Graphics" turned on (fixed flippy graphics)
  • the about rainbow screen gets hardware acceleration if your card supports it
  • dialogs log their output before being shown, in case you crash
  • kJams can again launch on 10.4. Sorry about that, got hosed by the dev tools. I'm no longer bothering to link with libiconv, which apparently can not be lank with on 10.5 and still work on 10.4, even if you specify 10.4 as your deployment target
  • fixed CRASHER: when switching to a playlist (library, singers, music store, rotation etc) if that playlist needs to be sorted right then, you'd crash. this happens rather often! thanks so much to Art for persevering long enough for me to get this!
  • fixed: corrupted zip files in the Karaoke Locker store: thanks guys for sticking to it!
  • after you sort by a column, the mouse pointer goes back to an arrow (was stuck on the watch)
  • fixed crasher regarding duplicate singer IDs. when singers with conflicting IDs are loaded, the oldest one is unceremoniously dumped to the trash. This is what it used to do, but the code that did this broke a while back. Since it's been broken, this would cause crashes.
  • when loading singers, we now load the singer first, then their playlists. this is just the right thing to do.
  • you must now choose a credit card in your music store one-click settings. now i can warn you if the card you want to use will not work.
  • fixed the "half pixel" border around the edge of the video window that sometimes shows up
  • Producer overlay always uses Core Graphics
  • the crash reporter works again on 10.6
  • the log reporter works correctly on 10.5 and 10.6
  • spaces are trimmed from any meta data you enter. this also means that if you accidentally enter ONLY spaces, it will act as if you entered "nothing" and will not accept that, reverting to what was there before
  • started work on the "kJams" music store (yes, i'm an independent music publisher! want in? let me know!)
  • frackin' busted the build, would not even launch

d50r37 Nov 11 2009 Lite Pro

  • plugged several memory leaks relating to cfdictionaries and cfarrays
  • when deleting folders of stuff, it's now moved to the trash first, then deleted
  • music store waits 10 seconds instead of 5 to check to see if it should check to see if there's a new version ;)
  • if you try to buy a song and get an error, then say yes to edit your one click settings, you don't crash on the prefs dialog
  • if you get to the prefs dialog, it auto opens the one click settings dialog (credit card info)
  • tricera store again accepts visa and mastercard (was erroneously thinking they were not valid)
  • fixed another crash when refreshing the library playlist after a sort operation
  • finally fixed that "kjams thinks you have more than one item selected, press OK to deselect". first, the deselect works, if you get into that situation. second you should never get INTO that situation in the first place.
  • kjams no longer refreshes the current playlist if you went to sort a different playlist then left it. same story when you buy a song, after the song inserts into the library,if you happen to still be looking at the music store, it no longer refreshes the list (putting you back at the top)
  • i kindof went and re-wrote the unzipper code, hope you don't have problems with that. testing requested.
  • fixed another crasher when adding lots of songs to the library at the same time (eg: you download 2 stores at once) (note this won't fix your problem on MacOS 10.5!)
  • the auto-updater no longer complains "can't run 2 copies of kjams at the same time" (i hope) (note: chicken and egg problem: you need this new version to see the fix, but you can't get it with the auto-updater)
  • "About kJams" string in app menu changes when you go into "about" mode
  • you can now quit when the about rainbow screen is showing
  • believe it or not stopping a song could cause a crash (this happens when skipping to next or previous song too)
  • now logging dialog strings AS they are sent off to the dialog to be brought up, and AFTER the user has responded to the dialog (this time also with the user's answer)

d50r38 Nov 13 2009 Lite Pro

  • there is no more lag in the video window when doing normal operations

d50r39 Nov 14 2009 Lite Pro

  • sorry, you'd still crash using the auto updater. fixed. again. bad week.
  • fixed some REALLY bad memory leaks related to strings. huge!
  • FIXED: OMG more memory leaks! just all over the place, especially when playing an MPEG file, even when paused!
  • you no longer have to move ffmpeg from the "VCD and MPEG Tools.app" bundle into the kjams "app support" folder, you can just install "VCD and MPEG Tools.app" and forget about it.
  • song purchase failure emails now include the kJams version number
  • audio-only files with m4v extension zipped inside zip files will no longer be pulled out and treated as separate files
  • "Date Added" is no longer stored in the xml sidecar file: this means when you do "add to library" it no longer causes a push meta for every song
  • if there were un-pushed songs left over from the last time kJams ran, then upon next running, kjams will no longer beachball on startup while queing up all the push tasks
  • if you press delete when nothing is selected, you no longer get the "are you sure" dialogs
  • copy to clipboard really does honor the sort direction (ascending or descending)
  • "take photos" (web-cam background video) works even in the Artwork panel
  • when you do add to library, it waits until everything is saved before pulling meta
  • no longer crash when playing UltraStar (SingStar) files
  • open / relink dialogs now always come up over the browser window (as a sheet), never on the video window
  • you can now turn on "Use CoreGraphics" in the advanced prefs. Movies play with notably better frame rates and look smoother.

d50r40 Nov 20 2009 Lite Pro

  • FIXED: doing "Add To Library" or relink song would crash.
  • fixed a problem with the crash reporter sending the wrong log file
  • fixed the "ffmpeg" search paths. we now look properly in the old location, and in a folder in the Apps folder
  • more logging when downloading songs from store
  • really really hopefully fixed beachball on startup if you have lots of songs to push
  • when a singer adds a song remotely (via web or iJams) you get the "added" message in the browser LCD window
  • no longer logging "you might crash" unless you actually might
  • got rid of the pref "update search results as you type", it was too confusing for newbs

d50r41 Nov 25 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed a crash on startup if you got the "permissions problem" dialog
  • permissions problem dialog now has an "explain" button that leads here
  • fixed a wicked bad bug that would toss the files created during a rip, plus abort the rip, if you switched playlists during ripping OMG!
  • "Trying to tell a CD it's not a CD" i think has been squished?!? but if not, you get to know what song it is.
  • fixed a longstanding crasher when stopping a song (thought i fixed it before, but now i really did!)
  • fixed a crasher if you hit Cancel on a FileSystem dialog (open / add to lib / relink etc)

d50r42 Nov 26 2009 Lite Pro

  • made some minor optimizations when reading xml files
  • added more logging to try to nail the "purchase request" crasher
  • added more logging to "ReplicateNameRef" so we know why it fails, when it does
  • ReplicateNameRef() isn't considered failed if it can't find a project file (mediastream)
  • yet another attempt to fix the crash in CT_DriftFree (graphics timer)
  • minor optimization when parsing a music store
  • when copying text to the clipboard, it now copies ONLY the selected items, not the entire playlist
  • pulling meta data after importing happens 0.5 seconds after the save is completed, not 10. however: if there's only one item imported, it happens right away
  • we *really* no longer automatically remove a search filter (re-show ALL items) in the music store after the song is downloaded
  • the startup progress bar dialog is now re-used by all init routines, rather than each one putting up it's own
  • missing singer files will now be re-created, and their playlist re-attached if any are found
  • no longer crashing if we save a playlist on a backthread after the playlist has been deleted on the main thread (eg: eject a CD)
  • Crash report dialog now shows "Cancel" instead of "Skip" which i think is easier to "get"
  • better logging of errors when writing MP3 tags, so we know what went wrong
  • you can now put back the "update search results as you type" by using the secret prefs. warning: you're on your own there, you can crash this way
  • i'll now ask you to please crash if you have bad juju
  • Producer:
    • no longer crash (like all the time on 10.5)
    • during using "Open" dialog, font panel is hidden
    • after using "Open" dialog, browser window goes in back of other windows
    • no more "missing graphics" on "baked" files that ref'd pix inside the kJams bundle

d50r43 Dec 2 2009 Lite Pro

  • now properly disposing of music stores on shutdown
  • really, actually, totally fixed the crasher related to the graphics timer. really!
  • no longer leaking a selection sorter object for each sort that happens on a back thread
  • browser window updates now always get deferred 'till next event, rather than attempting to update on demand. less likely to crash the data browser, i hope
  • alerts that would happen during startup, during the "sort" phase, now are deferred until after the GUI has been brought up. (ie: don't crash)
  • teeny-weeny bit more fixing for the video stuttering. I don't think it's perfect, there's a lot more work to do, but i hope this helps.
  • the databrowser should draw a wee bit faster, at the default font size anyway
  • the "reinterpret" name parser is now completely forgiving of leading and trailing spaces, they are always snipped!
  • no longer crash when playing UltraStar / SingStar files (i mean it this time!)
  • Producer: no more missing graphics if the graphic file can be found in the cache or next to the song files

d50r44 Dec 4 2009 Lite Pro

  • no more assert fail on quit if user hit cancel to "update this music store?"
  • music store: corrupted zip file email notify now tells what version of kJams
  • really no longer crashing on CT_DriftFree (graphics timer). Happens pretty often when playing or stopping a song. GOSH!
  • if you quit while showing the About rainbow screen, you don't crash

d50r45 Dec 5 2009 Lite Pro

  • it is now (finally!) safe to delete songs even when there are open or pending tasks for that song (!!)
  • if you have a QT component that can not import or export, you don't crash
  • fixed the crazy crashy hangy WTF is taking so long bug (only affected you if you use unzipped song files, and you have tons of them in a single folder)
  • fixed ability to play *some* zip files that suddenly started saying they were corrupted (they're not, don't worry)

d50r46 Dec 7 2009 Lite Pro

  • when you sort on a sort column by clicking it, the cursor changes back to an arrow when it's done sorting
  • fixed a crash when pushing meta during startup, if the song went missing
  • if you have < 2GB ram, you get a warning to upgrade your ram
  • if you have < 4GB ram, and > 15k songs, you get a dire warning
  • oh man, ALL my timers were firing every 1/60th of a second!! YIKES! now they fire when they should, eg: idle timer 2x per second, no-sleep timer every 30 seconds, graphics timer 30x/second, save timer every 2 seconds etc. this should make your CPU meter behave much better
  • "Take Photos" has been changed to "Web Cam Video Underlay" finally
  • OMG all that time i spent making sure there was no video stutter when searching and sorting, but left a line in that disabled it. now it's back. whew! sorry about that Art!!
  • if you hold down the OPTION key when invoking the Preferences, "Update search results as you type" is available
  • if you check "Update search results as you type" you get a dire warning that you're on your own
  • in Producer, the Timeline window animates at 15fps instead of 10, looks smoother

d50r47 Dec 11 2009 Lite Pro

  • if you cancel a music store download request then quit, you don't crash, no really.
  • if you re-link a song that WAS a zip file but is NOW a QuickTime file (m4v, mov, mp4 etc) it will now work
  • no longer logging a zillion "video draw frame done"
  • the dialog that says you have too many songs and not enough ram has been fixed to NOT include the music store songs. also, the verbiage has been made more clear. also, you can now say "don't warn me again for a month"
  • the "database save" timer stops firing if the DB does not need saving
  • if you try to use "scan for orphans" kJams simply says "don't do that!"
  • don't crash in producer when dragging a comp blob off the end
  • don't crash when playing certain media stream files
  • making a new singer then hitting cancel will not crash

d50r48 Dec 17 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed crasher when reinterpreting names, and you are sorted by one of the columns that you are actually interpreting, hopefully
  • no longer crash when reloading music store
  • fixed crash on quit in music stores
  • more logging in playlist deletion to catch some bugs
  • hopefully fixed crashing bug in switching venues
  • new timer fires every 15 minutes to log the date/time
  • no-sleep timer now only fires if there is no activity
  • zip errors are now logged in english instead of by number
  • fixed AppleRemote for OS 10.6

d50r49 Dec 21 2009 Lite Pro

  • fixed crash on startup for the Lite version
  • if you get "assert storeP" at line 276, you no longer crash

d50r51 Dec 23 2009 Lite Pro

  • HAH! fixed that "delete a playlist and crash" bug (also shows up as crash on quit, or eject disc etc, since each of these deletes a playlist)
  • fixed a crash when creating a new Venue or switching venues
  • really, actually fixed the crash when loading / reloading / deleting music stores
  • fixed crash related to deleting playlists AGAIN, happens on startup or when switching venues, or when deleting playlists etc, jeeeeez!
  • fixed crash deleting singers OMG FTW?!
  • fixed another crasher on quit when deleting all the timers, this one related to the music store
  • version check timer no longer called 2x per second, now every 15 minutes

d50r53 Dec 24 2009 Lite Pro

  • OMG OMG! Fixed that crasher from doing downloads using 10.5 !!!!
  • fixed both Burner plugin and Producer plugin to no longer conflict with their "AppController" name (see log files)
  • i had broken the "Check for Update" function, it would take 15 minutes to come back and tell you the answer. fixed.
  • the string "Source" at the top left of the browser window, was not being properly retained, and could have caused a crash.
  • getting console data is now logged in case of error
  • Help->What's New will now actually take you to the page that has the latest info on what's actually new!

d50r54 Dec 26 2009 Lite Pro

  • VenueVJ (Karaoke Locker) store has added 1000 new songs from "Music Factory"
  • if your Tricera gift pack runs out, you get a nicer dialog explaining
  • if you get other errors during music store purchase, you get more info on what went wrong
  • in log file, no more "deleting sort completion proc" per playlist, if there isn't one

d50r55 Dec 27 2009 Lite Pro

  • when you twirl up a playlist folder (a singer or the list of singers) which has a sub-item selected, kJams selects the enclosing folder (or it should anyway). i was doing this right away. this caused crashes. so i now defer it for just a second, you won't notice a difference, but you won't crash either
  • also it won't happen if there is no selected sub-item
  • if your CC was declined, i now refer you to this page.
  • i now use Google Analytics to track sales of both the software itself and songs from the stores, wow, that's pretty cool.
  • if in the unlikely chance the routine that asks how much memory you have fails, i just ignore it, rather than tell you you don't have enough ram.
  • removing songs from the library no longer causes cursor schizophrenia. Arrow! No, Watch! No! Arrow! No!! WATCH!! NOOOO!!!
  • i do not attempt to pull meta data after quitting
  • if you add to library by dragging a song file into a playlist that is showing, first of all: it works, second: kJams now updates the playlist as you watch
  • i made the video menu a bit more clear about the "enter message" and "show message" things, you'll see
  • using the AppleRemote, you can now just hold the volume + / - buttons and it will "repeat" so the volume will move and keep moving

d50r56 Dec 29 2009 Lite Pro

  • finally switched over to boost::threads (and mutexes, and semaphores). i had previously been using MacOS threads. using boost::threads is part of the skunkworks thing, for those who are counting
  • RowMote support has been added, yay!
  • if you have < 1GB installed in your computer, i can now report that in the log file. not that that's even possible.
  • when formatting bytes, if was an integer amount, like "2.0 GB", it now just says "2 GB"
  • all "event posting" code now goes thru a central dispatch, rather than each one ad-hocing it. is that a word?
  • if the "Trash" can not be found, and you need to trash something on the same volume as your "kJams" root folder, then a new folder inside the kJams folder is used as the trash. otherwise a new folder at the root of the volume is used
  • removed failed analytics code, no longer going that route
  • if you leave your library sorted by any of the Slow Searching columns, i revert it to PLI during startup, so you don't get a slow startup
  • when you pick "Special->Update File Sizes", i now actually update them.
  • previous password is no longer required to reset the password of a singer
  • if you manually download a song from VenueVJ (karaoke locker), and you do NOT have song stores turned on, then you don't crash when you add it
  • fix a recursion bug when getting meta file
  • the "Could not find song, would you like to find it?" dialog could cause a crash if there was a song playing
  • when adding to the library or pulling meta, if a corrupted zip file is found you don't crash (!)
  • when you use the ShowScreen message to show a message, if you've already got one up, then the new one will actually show, rather than just hiding the previous one
  • scripting no longer tries to do anything if you happen to be quitting at the time. except for crash. you can crash if you want.
  • now using modern GetCatInfo call to get file dates (was using old PB call)
  • the kJams "app support" folder is now called "kJams Plugins" cuz that's what it is
  • only caching icon refs if we have them. was caching garbage before. not that anyone noticed.
  • the "Size" meta data shows the size in bytes of the song files, and now reads nicely, showing K, MB, GB etc.
  • new singers created with iJams that have spaces no longer show the spaces as "+" signs
  • right click->reinterpret names string is fixed
  • fixed a crashing bug when playing back BIN files created in other systems, that are slightly out of spec
  • fixed a crashing bug when exporting or converting format
  • hopefully fixed a crashing bug when both an iJams user and the KJ are both manipulating their "Tonight" list at the same time
  • when you have "pause between tracks" turned on, it would fail if you also had "delay playing until song is unpacked". this has been fixed.
  • copy and paste and CSV export now turn quotes into curly quotes, so as not to mess up the destination application
  • new secret pref "Maximum number of items in web search results list". guess what it does?
  • fix the "spawn infinite sort tasks on the same column" bug
  • purple progress bars in the tasks window
  • support for "copyright" meta tags
  • Corrected a web server bug with the login process: when the back button was used to reach the login page, any login attempt would result in the previous user's playlists being loaded.
  • Added an automatic logout option to the web server. When on, this will automatically log a user out after a specified time. By default, this option is turned on, and the timeout is set to 120 seconds. Actions such as loading, ordering, and modifying playlists reset the logout timer. This was the cause of the hangs, backed out until it can be fixed.
  • new Music Store preference key "Errors launch URLs or E-Mail submissions" (pref key: "Some errors can launch URLs or email notifications") and defaults to "on"
  • the "errors" referenced just above now also show a notify in the LCD window
  • when a new singer is added via the web, a notify is now shown in the LCD window
  • DVD-CDG types (SuperCDG and NEO+G) no longer allow you to get/submit to freedb etc. cuz they can't.
  • KJ Pro now works with SuperCDG and NEO+G discs
  • the video window now should stay put during Exposé and Spaces could not get it to work
  • fixed a bug in Producer tryout that would make the first word of every line have the wrong font size / cut off letters
  • added Growl support for those "errors" referenced above, and new singer added, and song added to singer
  • fixed a very lame crashing bug related to pulling meta data
  • fixed a very few other very lame crashing bugs related to network access
  • fixed web server to not hang like alla flippin' time
  • fixed several crashing bugs that i totally forget what they were, but they were GOOD!
  • fixed the auto-updater so it actually works again
  • bad xml report dialog now has a "reveal" button
  • new music store check, bad xml report and crash report sender are now serialized so you don't get dialogs popping up on top of each other
  • serialized even more startup dialogs (warnings of using Lite vs. Pro, warnings of not having paid etc)
  • now warns you if your Flip4Mac is out of date

d50r61 May 25 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • removed duplicate server resources
  • the "export only a sample" check box no longer affects the "special->convert <foo song> to <bar format>" command, nor does it affect ripping to a quicktime format. jeeez that was REALLY lame (and not the mp3 one)
  • leftover zips and xml files are deleted when converting formats, especially relevant when going from zip to not or vice versa
  • during startup after installing the burning plugin, we now try to set write permissions on the folder so you don't get the "afpAccessDenied" error
  • it was possible to hit the "new playlist" button rapidly, and create 2 playlists with the same name, causing a black hole
  • i now use the + sign instead of the * for new singers and playlists (compatible with windows)
  • should not get crash on startup when you have any progress dialog happening (eg: getting file dates)
  • no longer get the "dataBrowserColumnNotFound" or something when you change a playlist
  • no longer logging the bundle dictionary of flip4mac
  • if you get the "Duplicate Transaction" result from buying a song, you now just get a dialog explaining this, and optionally launch this page

d50r62 May 27 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • fixed a HANG that can happen when encoding
  • fixed a crash relating to CFLocale, at least, i hope i did. may only affect 10.4
  • fixed a problem with serial numbers not saving to disk, so you'd get stuck in tryout mode (OMG!)
  • fixed a long standing problem with "duplicate filename" when saving many XML files simultaneously (eg: singer files)
  • if SafeSave fails, you get a "reveal" button which should show you what file failed to be updated

d50r63 May 27 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • fixed a hang on play if the a song file needed to be located via behind-the-scenes search
  • fixed crasher happens when encoding
  • fixed assert fail "playlistP->IsSaveable()" when using iJams or web server

d50r64 May 28 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • check for recent crash reports is delayed 5 seconds
  • if you get a crash report but you're NOT on the latest version, you get prompted to update, rather than send the crash report (YEAH!!!)
  • fixed a memory corruption that happens when accessing the list of files within a folder. this can cause random crashes (!)
  • venue switching works again
  • extra logging during "CSongImporter::FinishRip()" so i can catch a bug
  • the "Flip4Mac Out of Date" warning will now take you to the web site, and inform you that the update is free. for some reason many people were reading "update" as "upgrade", which mean totally different things
  • fixed a memory corruption that happens when reading MP3 meta data. this can cause random crashes (!)

d50r65 May 31 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • VenueVJ song purchases work again
  • if you try to "convert format" on a non- "Audio+G" song, it silently gets skipped, or you get a growl warning if you have that installed
  • convert format now operates on the selection in the current playlist, it used to operate on the selection in the Library even if you were currently viewing a different playlist OMG!
  • if you get a fail when you click the menu bar, regarding the QuickTime encoder, kJams no longer interrupts your ability to even use the menus at all, it just posts a message for later about the failure
  • may have helped minimize a crasher when accessing CFTimeZone stuff
  • no longer logging EOF, UserCanceled, Abort, or AlreadyReported "errors"
  • now using CF time instead of Tick time
  • MP3 rip speed factor no longer can go haywaire (div by zero)
  • if the AU Chain fails to init properly, we now gracefully exit, rather than crash or hang
  • if you try to rip a disc with an unsupported drive, and you get the "do you want to attempt?" dialog, the check box says "Always attempt" instead of "do not ask again", this i hope will prevent the confusion
  • if you get a "Possible Reasons; Declined, Not Valid" response when buying a song, you now get redirected to here.
  • fixed a crasher when saving playlists (!)
  • fixed a crasher when quitting, aborting rips...
  • better logging when loading very large playlists (eg: music stores)
  • large CDPedia databases now get a progress bar
  • if getting a disc info from freedb (or the others) would change the disc ID, i do NOT change the disc id, i use the one that i calculated, so i can find the same list next time, and not have to ask again
  • fixed "dupe file name" on startup
  • burning plugin update: makes CORRECT folder name

d50r66 June 7 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • fixed crashes on startup / random, just introduced. duh.
  • copyright now says 2010
  • version checker won't cause a crash on quit
  • the time display in the LCD panel is now remembered (if you change it to say "time remaining)

d50r67 June 8 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • gar! another crashing bug! AVAST!

d50r68 June 8 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • fixed auto-updater for plugins (Burning and Producer) to actually RUN the installer. duh.
  • fixed text encoding problem recently re-introduced (you'd get strange characters in GUI and Log elements)
  • FIXED the problem about safe save failing (eg: on Singer.xml lists)
  • removed "reveal" when safe save fails, since it didn't work. and safe save is fixed anyway
  • corrupted music store song now takes you to the web site, or growls at you
  • "Size" meta data column was being listed twice
  • if an icon can't be loaded, i ask you to crash, rather than putting up a bazillion asserts
  • time display will now be remembered right away, rather than forgetting to remember it. (i had forgot to write the prefs file with the updated info). also detects and corrects wrongly saved display style that could cause a crash
  • switching venues now restarts the server properly
  • avoiding another crash on quit

d50r70 June 10 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • the "check version" dialogs are now serialized, they won't pop up on top of each other or other dialogs
  • if you need to update both producer AND burner at the same time, it will update one, then on next run update the other, rather than trying to update the first one AGAIN, over and over.
  • if you're dragging a sort column to arrange their order DURING the time when the browser gets an "update my content" callback, that callback is postponed, rather than crashing
  • on startup, kJams deletes any plugin installers in the downloads folder, as it should
  • rip with QT encoder error dialogs are serialized
  • the "your drive is not compatible" dialog is serialized
  • fix crashing bug when attempting to get the parent folder of a non-existing file
  • fix crashing caused by a file asking if it exists, we now first check to see if it is a valid file descriptor
  • errors caused when Getting bulk catalog info are now reported rather than ignored
  • tryout playlist limitation error dialog is now serialized
  • when waiting to stop an audio track, we no longer run the main event loop, but only handle callbacks (preventing recursion, crashes)
  • there is a new advanced pref to auto-start the rotation when you add a song to an empty rotation (defaults to "on")
  • database verify error dialogs now serialized
  • "Song Added" message now has correct text encoding (no more strange characters)
  • when sorting folders during add to library, we now handle errors rather than crash
  • i hope the localized strings thing works again
  • japanese menu items have correct ellipsis character ("…")
  • mutex errors now detected correctly
  • bad data from a web client when removing a song from a playlist is now ignored, no longer causes crash
  • log of web client post data now has a carriage return at the end
  • kjams now saves zip files with "WindowsLatin1" text encoding for the internal file names, unless it is impossible to encode them that way, at which time it falls back to UTF8. this makes kJams zip files compatible with windows more often.

d50r71 June 21 2010 Lite Pro <-- THIS release does NOT include fixes BELOW this line

  • fixed some more strange string characters (Due to wrong encoding)
  • fixed an ancient hanging bug when you get an error during (or cancel) a task, and the "ring buffer" happened to be waiting for data at that moment (would cause the audio player to stop working, and would hang on quit)
  • more declined credit cards now get redirected to the help page
  • ejecting a NEO+G or SuperCDG disc is now faster
  • PLI indexes are no longer off by one
  • i'm now MUCH more carefully monitoring the "modification" of playlists when NOT on the back thread (only sorting is allowed now, hopefully)
  • catching an error if the web client tries to remove a song that is no longer there, we now assert rather than crash
  • "check for exist" no longer throws an exception
  • you can now easily burn CDG discs from WMV and KMA files
  • converting BIN files to Audio+G works again
  • converting all Audio+G files to a different Audio+G works at all!!
  • pull meta task numbers no longer off by one
  • fixed nasty ancient bug that would cause your "instant sorting" lists to become corrupted, wreaking havoc (possible crashes?, lists would become unsorted even if you try to sort them)
  • i now detect "Case Sensitive" drives and refuse to play ball
  • no longer waiting or > 1x speed when ripping. now i only do that for playing direct from disc.
  • task window updates 4x per sec not 8x per sec. oops. i'll try to remember to set this back.
  • no longer assert when clicking menu bar if your QT encoder is set wrong. you'll get a growl if you have that installed.

d51r0 June 27 2010 Lite Mac, Pro Mac, Lite Win, Pro Win