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Take note that your credit card will work perhaps the first couple times, but then will be declined. You will have to call your credit card company and tell them to allow and "whitelist" any microtransactions at the music store vendor (you may have to call once for each store).

Other possible reasons are perhaps you mistyped a number somewhere, your expiration date is incorrect, or your CVV2 code is incorrect, or you specified the wrong KIND of credit card (like you used a Discover card or some unaccepted card).

Here is the message you may get:

Your credit card was declined, please call your bank. 
Would you like to edit your payment settings?

This happens because your credit card company is trying to "protect" you from fraud. When you make several micro transactions in a row (less than a couple bucks each), it triggers the automatic cutoff by the credit card company.

I realize this is a hassle, but the only way to permanently fix this is for you, the credit card holder, to call your credit card company and tell them to lift the block on your card for that vendor. You may need to do this for each store.

You might ask, "How come this doesn't happen at the iTunes music store"? The difference is that in iTunes, Apple actually holds your credit card information, which is governed by some strict regulations that Apple is able to deal with due to their pile of lawyers and server administrators. Since Apple actually keeps records of your credit card information, they can "queue up" all your purchases for an entire day, and submit a single transactions to the credit card at the end of the day. This avoids the "many micro transactions in a row," which flags the auto cutoff.

The music stores within kJams, however, do NOT store your credit card info at all. Your credit card info is submitted each time you purchase a song. They must do this because the laws are different in Canada (TriceraSoft), the laws there dictate that the music store is NOT allowed to hold your credit card info.

How to edit your Credit Card Settings

  1. in kJams, go to the Menu bar and pick "kJams->Preferences->Stores->Edit Credit Card Settings"