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kJams works with ALL drives that are capable of ripping / burning CD+G media.

If you're imagining it's possible to "just write a new driver or update the software somehow to enable other drives that are not yet compatible", well, that's not within the realm of the physical laws of this universe.

Think of it this way: there is just no way (literally the physics won't work) to play a Blu-Ray disc in a CD drive. The hardware for decoding the data just isn't even built into the drive. The ONLY possible way to read a Blu-Ray disc is to get a drive CAPABLE of reading a Blue-Ray disc. The same EXACT thing is true for CD+G.

The waters seem muddy for those who don't know, because SOME CD / DVD drives are in fact capable, while some are not. But the fact that SOME are capable leads people to think that ALL drives must be capable with some software tweak. Some people also think that since iTunes can rip the audio (CD) portion "just fine", that kJams should be able, with the same drive, to read the Video (+G) portion as well. But it's that +G hardware that's NOT built into the drive. eg: Airplanes can drive along the ground. Cars can drive along the ground. That's the CD part. Airplanes can fly (+G), but cars can't.

Some drives even *pretend* to be capable of burning, when in fact they're not. By that I mean that when you go to burn a CD+G disc, it gives no error. A drive is supposed to give an error ("DRStatusStateFailed") if it is incapable of burning, yet some drives do not. For these drives the only way to prove they work is to do a test burn, then attempt to play the disc in real karaoke hardware (not a computer).

If kJams says "you need a new drive", then you do, there's no other way.

Is My Drive Capable?

It's easy to find out, before you buy! Using the Tryout version, do a test rip, and if that works, do a test burn!

Where can i get a compatible drive?

Read this article to find a compatible drive.