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So you're wanting to buy kJams so that you can Burn CD+G discs! GREAT!

Do Not Purchase Yet!

  • Do NOT purchase kJams (or the Burning Plugin, sold separately for Lite and Pro) until you have confirmed that your hardware is capable of burning CD+G discs!
  • There are no refunds if you buy kJams (and the Burning plugin) only to find out later that your hardware is not compatible.
  • Remember: Just because your drive can burn a CD does NOT mean it is capable of burning a CD+G disc.
  • You must do a TEST BURN with the free version of kJams (Lite / Pro / or 2).
  • Click here to learn how to do a test burn. Follow the "Hyper Simple Instructions", ESPECIALLY step 6!!

When to Purchase

Purchase kJams only AFTER you have done a successful test burn, and you have confirmed it will play in your karaoke hardware!