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The 64bit Beta version is available today. I started this port five years ago, it's been a VERY long time coming.

What Beta Means

  • There ARE bugs.
  • You will likely sometimes hang (with or without a beachball or "not responding" notice.
  • You will likely sometimes crash.
  • It's possible though unlikely that you could lose data, so keep backups!
  • Some features not critical to running shows are simply not implemented:
    • no producer
    • no microphone input
    • no crash reporter
    • when editing meta in browser window, tab key doesn't work
    • music stores take a while to load
    • no video export
    • no transparent video
    • no "notification manager"
    • no python (no iTunes Crossfade)

By using the Beta, you're agreeing to this:

Get this Beta version ONLY if you are somewhat technically savvy, you may in to problems, and i'll want you to email me about them. You agree NOT to be upset by problems. The most critical information you can give me is a recipe for how to reproduce the problem. If you can't reproduce the problem, then don't tell me about it.

If you want the 32bit (more stable) version instead

Go to the Downloads page, you'll see download buttons for the 32bit versions. Note for macOS: this only runs on macos 10.10 to 10.14!

Do NOT upgrade macOS

If you're on macOS Mojave, DO NOT UPGRADE your macOS, until after you've run several shows using the 64bit version. If it works fine for you after that, then go ahead and update your OS to the latest.

Back up your data!

Find your "kJams" folder (in your user's Music folder) and make a backup. Also, make a backup of your music files, if they reside on an external drive. You should already understand how to restore your files too. I'm not going to be able to help you recover if you shoot yourself in the foot! For instructions on backing up / restoring, see this article.

Keep the classic version of kJams, do NOT install over it or replace it. You will need it if / when things go wrong in the new version.

Switching back and forth

I'm going to call the 64bit version "64" and the 32bit version "32"

  1. the first time you run 64, it will read the database from 32 and convert it
  2. if you had music stores turned on, they will be converted too, but they will be REMOVED from 32. That means that if you go BACK to 32, you will need to reload the music stores (they'll be empty). That FURTHER means that if you had added "streaming only" songs to playlists, they will "go missing" in 32, and re-loading the store won't re-link the songs. In other words: If a singer has a song in any of their lists (tonight, faves, history), and that song came from a streaming music store (ie: it must stream when played), then that song will "go missing" if you first run 64, then revert to 32. It will still be there in the 64bit version, but in the 32bit, it will turn into all dashes, because you will be forced to reload the music store from scratch. Okay?
  3. In the 64, DO NOT EDIT META DATA (including Reinterpret). There are bugs in Reinterpet, but editing will also cause your 64 database to get out of sync with the 32 database. It will work fine, but will only update the 64 database, and the 32 one will not be able to find the song any more.
  4. If you edit meta data in 32, or add new songs, or make a new playlist, or really just change the database, you will need to rebuild your 64 DB. To do that, see the next section

How to rebuild the 64bit Database

  1. go into your kJams folder
  2. trash both the "Songs.ksql" file (NOT "Songs.ktd"), and the "Songs.ksql [Backups]" folder.
  3. Run 64 and the DB will rebuild based on the 32.

New Forum Just for You

Click here to join the new forum discussions. This is the FIRST place you should go when you encounter a problem. Scan over the recent articles to see if it's already been reported.

Report any problem that is not listed. One topic = one issue (do not post multiple issues in one topic).

How to track my progress

You can see what the plan is on the Trello board.
You can see what has been done on the History page

I'm a bit desperate for financial support

I never did do a kickstarter to get this port done. I don't know if you can imagine what 5 years of part time work (aside from my full-time job) is like, with no income to offset my time. Yes the 32bit version of kJams sells a few every month but in no way does it pay for my time spent developing the 64bit version. I do hate to do this, but i need to ask if you're willing to join Patreon, or increase your Patreon support. Thanks.

How to install

See this separate article for that.