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Mac Instructions

  1. double click the ".dmg" file to open it
  2. If you are on Mojave (10.14) or earlier: Drag the app onto the "Desktop" (not the "Applications" folder, cuz you don't want to replace the 32bit version which lives there)
  3. If you are on Catalina (10.15) or later: Drag the app icon into the provided "Applications" folder alias
  4. If the Finder asks if you want to replace the one that is there, say yes.
  5. wait for the copy to complete
  6. go to the File menu and pick "Eject"

You may now launch kJams normally (it is in your Applications folder, or your Dock if you put an icon there for it.

Windows Instructions

just the normal install process

32 and 64 bit Download Links