Detailed burning instructions

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  1. if you haven't already: Turn off AutoPlay. If you have done this already, you do NOT need to do it again.
  2. you may put a blank CD-R or CD-RW in at any time
  3. Make a new playlist that will contain the songs you want to burn
    1. the PLUS button in the bottom left of the screen will make a new playlist
    2. alternately, you can go to the File menu and pick "New Playlist"
  4. You may wish to rename the playlist, to have a name that you prefer. This will be the name of the disc
    1. select the playlist you just made
    2. move the mouse pointer over the name of the playlist
    3. do not move the mouse, but click and release, still not moving the mouse
    4. after a second or two, the playlist will go into "rename mode"
    5. you can start typing, and enter the new name of the playlist
    6. when you're done, press enter. (it may appear to NOT have renamed, but this is a bug. if it seems like it did not rename, click Library, then click the playlist again, it should then show the new name)
  5. Select the Library again
  6. find the songs that you want to burn to the disc
  7. drag and drop them into the new playlist
  8. select the new playlist again
  9. make sure the playlist is sorted by "#"
  10. optionally at this point you may drag and drop to reorder the songs to appear in the order you wish (you may skip this step)
  11. press the Burn button in the upper right corner of the screen (it looks like a camera iris)
  12. if you have not already, put in a blank CD-R or CD-RW
  13. set the speed to what you want (i recommend set it to fastest, try a burn, if it fails, try a lower speed. If that succeeds, keep it at the lower speed always)
  14. Press the "burn" button in the lower right