Turn off AutoPlay

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  • If you're on a Mac (of course you are!)
  1. Go to Apple->System Preferences->CDs and DVDs
  2. Change "When you insert a music CD" so it says "ignore". Alternately make it run kJams.


  • If you're on Windows
  1. go to Start->Control Panels->AutoPlay
  2. Change "Audio CD" so it says "Take No Action". I do not know how to get it to run kJams.
  3. change "Blank CD" also so it says "Take No Action"
  • if you have iTunes, run it (if you do not, ignore this)
  1. go to iTunes preferences
  2. under "General", change "When you insert a CD" to "Show CD". (it is the same for both mac and windows)
  3. now Quit / Exit iTunes