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Coupons for discounts are also available to the Military, Hospitals, Prisons, Students, School Labs, Places of Worship, and Humanitarian Aid workers.

Coupons are also used when kJams is sold through a third party. In this case, you simply use the coupon to register kJams and obtain an official serial number

How do i use it?

  1. If you want easy, detailed step-by-step instructions:
    1. Click here for Macintosh instructions
    2. Click here for Windows instructions
  2. For those of you who know what you're doing:
    1. Download, install, and run kJams.
    2. for the Application: go to Help->Purchase (note that if you bought kJams through a third party or otherwise obtained a coupon, then this actually is an "Activation" not a "Purchase", so don't worry, there is NO charge even though it says "Purchase"
    3. for the burning plugin: go to kJams->Preferences->Burning, click "Purchase"
    4. kJams will ask if you have a coupon, say YES and paste your coupon
    5. Complete the activation, you will then see a "Receipt" window
    6. Close the receipt window (do not hide or minimize it)
    7. you're done!
  3. See the Documentation for lots of info!