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Just watch the Tutorial Video, which is worth all the words below and then some.

  1. If you bought the "Burning Plugin", there is no separate installer, you only need to install the application because the tryout plugin automatically comes with it.
  2. If you haven't already installed kJams, do this:
    1. download the edition of kJams that you purchased
    2. when your web browser asks what do do with the the download, click "Open"
    3. Double click the MSI file that has been downloaded.
    4. ignore the security warning if one pops up, just click "Run". (I swear i'm a nice guy, and you know where I live anyway.)
    5. go thru the installer process until the end
  3. Run kJams from the Start menu (it may be under "All Programs")
  4. To activate the Application
    1. In kJams, go to the "Help" menu and pick "Purchase…"
    2. it will ask if you have a coupon, click "Coupon"
    3. paste your coupon code there
    4. if it gives an error at this point, just hit OK and try again, and it will work
    5. Continue (if necessary) until you get to the "Shopping Cart" page
    6. you should see the "Sub Total" go to ZERO. If you do not, something went wrong. If you can't figure it out, contact me and i'll help.
    7. complete the steps until you see the Receipt window

    8. close the receipt window (click the red "X" in the top right) (do NOT hide it, do not minimize it, but CLOSE it)
  5. To activate the Plugin:
    1. Go to the "Edit" menu in the menu bar and pick "Preferences…"
    2. Click on the "Burning" icon
    3. Click the "Purchase" button (this is NOT a purchase, it is an activation. If you bought from a third party you will NOT be charged)
    4. do similar steps to the above, but paste the coupon for the Plugin instead
    5. finish just like above (close the receipt window)
  6. you're all set!