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This program will open and display images saved in HGR format. Also supports DHGR in two popular formats: BeagleGraphics and DazzleDraw. It will save as PICT and allow batch conversions.

a2pix 3.1 Beta 2

Download 3.1b2, works on modern macs (10.11 El Capitan)

Version History of 3.1

a2pix 3.0 Beta 12

Carbon Download

68k Download

Bug: the Carbon version does not properly register the Apple ][ Fonts.

Downloads, Screenshots and other information are here.

a2pix 2.0

In version 1, I made a2pix into a Photoshop plugin. I don't have the time right now to rev the plugins to 2.0 (or 3 for that matter), perhaps I'll get to it later. For now, use the app to convert your pix then bring them into Photoshop.

2.0 Detailed Info

a2pix.sit.hqx for Macintosh (62.5k) includes:

   a2pix 2.0 Application (68k and PowerMac fat)
   a2pix 1.0 Photoshop plugins (B&W and Color) (both also fat) 

Other Info

Why am I doing this? You really wanna know? Click here. Of course it has much evolved since then. Now it's just for the fun of it.

A concise but technical explaination of DHGR. A long winded inquiry into the nature of DHGR.

A historical note about attempting to get the a2pix engine into an emulator.

pictures.sit.hqx A set of Apple ][ pictures (369k). These pictures work with a2pix. Some also work with DazzleDraw, some with BeagleGraphics. Some pictures look good in some modes and stupid in other modes, others vice versa.