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3.1b2 December 20, 2015

  • text screens can now also be made with plain text files, but you kinda need to use SheepShaver with MacOS 9 to edit them (cuz the font and keyboard layout are only working there)
  • 80 Column Mode is back
  • Removed "Use More Memory with Double Size + ARC", cuz who cares, we always use more memory now
  • Removed "Use QuickDraw Area Sample", now we always use it, it's great
  • Removed "Use New Pencil Method", it's always used
  • made this web site
  • removed a bunch of old dead code
  • 560 Mode (thin dots when drawing, good for Black and White) is now saved in prefs
  • windows no longer keep un-selecting
  • fixed extra "Quit" menu items
  • the app is now code-signed

3.1b1 December 19, 2015

  • updated to work on modern MacOS (10.11), should work on older MacOS too, back to 10.4
  • real prefs file (no longer stored in resource fork of app)
  • fixed font problem by using TrueType font. (note: 80 Column mode not supported)