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If I've sent you to this page, it means that you upgraded to Catalina without realizing you shouldn't.

Well first let me say, I'm so sorry for this hassle. I've been working on porting to 64bit literally for years, it's just a huge undertaking.

Can I still run the 32bit version of kJams under Catalina?

YES you can, in a way. Please see item #4 from this page

How is it that I did not get notified?

Well, I tried really hard to notify every kJams customer who uses mac to not upgrade but, inevitably, some folks slipped through the cracks. Could be:

  1. you're not subscribed to my newsletter
  2. you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook
  3. you don't keep kJams up to date (which would have directly warned you when you ran it)
  4. you were on such an old version of kJams that it's auto updater broke, so you didn't KNOW to update kJams, which would have warned you

I highly recommend keeping kJams up to date, which will always notify you of important things. :) Also, the newsletter is helpful :)