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 Take Note! 

This app used to be named "wtkJams".

The app formerly known as "wtkJams KE" (the Kiosk version) had functionality that has now been folded into kJams Cue (for free).


  • for the latest news and updates, go here
  • View the current Rotation
  • Search the kJams library right from your device.
  • Submit songs for you to sing "Tonight".
  • Re-order Tonight's cue
  • View your song history.
  • Organize your favorite songs into your personal "Favorites" list.
  • Here is how to lock your iPad into "Kiosk Mode" for JUST running “kJams Kiosk”

Note: Works only with kJams Pro and 2.

If you're looking for a karaoke Player for your pod, check out KaraokeAnywhere.

Using “kJams Cue”

The following steps will setup kJams to allow connections from “kJams Cue” running on your device.

  1. From kJams, enable the web server.
  2. Download “kJams Cue” from the iOS app store from the or the Android Google Play store.
  3. The first time “kJams Cue” starts up, it will search the local wifi network for a kJams server. If a kJams server is found, “kJams Cue” will automatically connect to it and show the Singers View.
  4. If no kJams server is found on the local wifi network, then the Venues View will be appear.
  5. when “kJams Cue” logs into a venue, it shows only Singers who have passwords. If you create a singer using “kJams Cue” this is automatic. But if the singer was created with kJams, then no password is automatically assigned. To assign a password to an existing singer, in kJams, right click the singer, and go "Get Info", then enter the new password. After that, the singer will show up in the list of singers inside “kJams Cue” (you may need to refresh the page)

Venues View

Use the Venues View to connect to any of your previous venues or add new venues. Venues which have been found on the local wifi network will also be displayed in this view.

Singers View

After connecting to a venue, the Singers View will appear. Login to the venue as an existing singer by selecting your name from the list and entering the password, or add yourself as a new singer in this venue by touching "Add Singer".

New Singer View

In the Venue view, if you tap the "New Singer" button you can create a new singer:


Search for songs you can sing at this venue by touching the "Search" button in the upper right.


View, remove, or re-order the songs you have selected to sing tonight. (Similar view to Favorites, see below)


Organize songs into your own personal "Favorites" list, and easily add them to your "Tonight" list.


View the songs you have previously sung at this venue. You can easily add them to your Tonight or Favorites list.