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There are several reasons it is important to enter all meta info on a CD before ripping.

  1. Songs with non-unique names will overlap. This means, if you have two songs called "Audio Track" from the same album (Typically "Audio CD") then they may very well both "rip" to the same spot, one overwriting the other. This creates the undesirable situation of having two "songs" that both point to the same "files". Extra bad in that when you delete one, it may succeed in deleting, but it will leave the other song that points to those files in a bad state, potentially causing a crash when you try to delete it.
  2. The CD info will NOT be updated when you change the meta info in the library. This means, if you change song info in the library after you rip, the CD will not be aware of these changes, so next time you stick the CD in, the meta info will be out of date, and will not match the cache. It's best to have the meta info for a song on CD completely match the meta info for the same song in your library