Tryout Limitations

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The Unregistered (Tryout) version is limited in these ways:


  • Can't export to QuickTime more than 10 songs
  • Can't add more than 3 songs to a any playlist (except for your library)
  • Can't rip or play anything other than tracks 1, 2 and 3 on any disc

Pro and 2:

  • Same as lite but:
  • Can't add more than 3 singers
  • Can't add more than 2 singers to the rotation
  • Can't add more than 2 songs to a singer's "Tonight" playlist
  • KaraokeCloud "Tethering" (offline-streaming) will not work because a serial number is required to encrypt the cloud data

Burning Plugin and kJams 2:

  • Can't burn more than 2 songs on a disc.
  • For Lite and Pro, the burning plugin is sold separately: You must purchased Lite or Pro first, since the tryout version of the application limits the number of songs you can put in a playlist (see above under "Lite"), and you must create a playlist in order to burn your disc.

Producer Plugin:

  • Your songs will have red X's in the lyrics of songs you burn to CD+G

There are no other limitations. If something goes wrong in the tryout version, do NOT assume that making the purchase will "fix" it or otherwise make it work, it is either a bug or a misunderstanding. The code is *exactly* the same for the Tryout and the Licensed version, there is no different download. Just download and run, it's up to you if you want to register it. Also, the Pro version *is* the Lite version, just with several more features. If something is wrong with the Lite version, it will also be wrong with the Pro version.