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As of July 30, 2014, kJams has updated the server resources such that Windows now correctly includes "screen.css", and also they no longer attempt to load missing resources.

As of April 9, 2013, kJams has updated the server resources to include the ability to search by just song name or artist name (or both as before), and also now shows a nice animation while you wait for your search to complete.

How to Update

To update your Server Resources (SR), you have to remove the previous installation of the SR.

kJams copies the SR to your preferences folder, and deploys them from there. This allows you to make changes to the server for your own needs if you like (for example, providing custom graphics for your venue), and when you get a new copy of kJams, you still get to use YOUR SR. However, when there is an UPDATE to the SR it also means you won't get the updates, because if the SR are found in your preferences folder they will be used, taking precedent over any that come as part of kJams.

  1. Run kJams
  2. go to the Help menu and pick "Reveal Preferences"
  3. quit kJams
  4. in the file system window that was opened, you will see a folder called "Server"
  5. If you have made changes to your SR, move the "Server" folder to the Desktop. Otherwise, just delete it.
  6. run kJams
  7. You will now have updated SR. You may quit kJams
  8. if you had made changes, you must now go into the new SR and make the same modifications again