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you have a few choices about where you can store the pix that you'll use when creating templates.

  1. the kJams Preferences folder: [/Preferences/myPix/...]
  2. the "resources" folder of the kJams application itself, eg: [/Resources/pictures/showscreens/waitress.pct]
  3. your "home" folder: [/~/?/...]
  4. your "kJams" folder (where the "kJams Library" folder resides): [/kJams/TemplatePix/...] note: this is just a shortcut for [/~/Music/kJams/...]
  5. the folder relative to the project, eg: [./mypic.png]. For example you may have a KTP file, you may add a picture NEXT TO that, or in a folder next to that file, in the file system, eg: [./pix/mypic.png]

in all cases you should make a sub-folder to store your pictures, call it what you will, perhaps "pix". for the "home" folder option, i suggest you put it in a sub-sub folder, eg [/~/Pictures/kJams/...] (that's why i had a ? in the example above)

you should put your pictures into the sub folder. you can call the folder anything you want. in the above examples i called it "myPix", "..." or "TemplatePix", but you can call it whatever you want

then make a new "small text" and change the text to say the temlate string (in brackets above) followed by the name of the file. get it?


  1. go to your home folder
  2. in there, go to your music folder
  3. in there, go to your kJams folder
  4. in there, make a new folder called "my pix"
  5. put some pictures in that folder. they can be of any type, they do NOT need to be only PICT files. eg: logo.png
  6. in Producer, add a new "small text" (click "templates->apply->small text")
  7. edit the text so it says "[/kJams/my pix/logo.png]" not including the quotes - Note that it will look in the above 3 places to find the file, so make sure "my pix" is the name of the folder you created.
  8. save the template
  9. now to see what it looks like, pick the template name from the Video menu
  10. when done viewing, pick "hide showscreen" to go back to editing mode
  11. when you're done, do a "Save Database" in the file menu, this will save your scratch song.