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Update: The TriceraSoft Website is now down (click it, you'll see), and I unfortunately expect it is permanent. This means Tricerasoft no longer works within kJams, in any capacity. Sorry for the bad news.

Old Info

The TriceraSoft music store is currently undergoing litigation from some folks who allege that they're not getting properly paid by TriceraSoft. Personally I would like to stay above the fray and not get involved, but since this is about a store that is available from within kJams, I must take some kind of action.

To that end, I will need to remove the store from kJams, hopefully temporarily. Assuming this suit is without merit and will be successfully defended, the store will come back.

Here's how it will work:

  1. Effective immediately, you can no longer purchase songs with a credit card, nor purchase gift packs or streaming time, nor extend already existing streaming time.
  2. If you already have TriceraSoft Credits (from a gift pack), the store will continue to work for you until you run out of credits, or unless they lose in court, in which case the store will summarily disappear forever. I recommend you use up your credits asap.
  3. If you already have streaming time that has not yet expired, you will be able to continue using that time until it expires.
  4. If you have ever purchased songs, you will be able to go to preferences->stores->edit music store settings->tricerasoft, and click the "sync previous purchases" button. If they lose in court, this will stop functioning.
  5. If none of the above is true, there is no TriceraSoft store or preference.

If you had made previous purchases but don't see the preferences panel at all, or if you still have subscription time or credits but don't see the music store, please contact me.

Sorry for the hassle, I held on as long as I could.