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This music store is no longer available as of November 10, 2015

WARNING: The songs in this store are unfortunately NOT licensed for public performance. Sound Choice is suing everybody left and right for using them. They originally licensed their songs to Stingray for digital downloads, but did not specify clearly that they were not allowed for use in public venues. Now, they're saying "you can't do that" and are going around suing all their loyal customers. Note this is not Stingray doing this, but Sound Choice. (If you didn't know, Karaoke Locker brand's it's songs as "Karaoke Channel", but the company is actually "Venue VJ", which get's it's songs from Stingray, which licenses it's songs from Sound Choice. Did you get that?)

Note that *some* songs (not all) bought from Karaoke Locker come with TWO copies of the song. One copy, the M4V, is the one you want to play at shows, it has higher quality graphics. The second, the CDG, is the one you'd use to burn to a CD+G disc, if you need to make a mix or backup disc.

Publishers available

Stingray Music (Sound Choice)
Music Factory

From Karaoke Locker

If kJams fails during the purchase process for some reason, DO NOT CLICK THE BUY BUTTON AGAIN!!! Clicking it again won't make it work if it failed before, it will just charge you again. You will still get an email receipt. In the email receipt you will find your order number. You can still download your song and add it to your kJams library by clicking on this link: Lost kJams Song. Enter your email address and order number and you will get a link you can use to download your song.