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On the Macintosh, you may notice a gamma shift when you export to QuickTime's built-in H.264 encoder (whether thru "QuickTime Movie" or "MPEG4" encoders). This is an Apple bug that they seem reluctant to fix. However, there is a work-around.

  1. this works only for the Pro version of kJams
  2. quit kJams
  3. download this free x264 encoder (link to original page)
  4. from the Downloads folder, drag "x264Encoder.component" into /Library/QuickTime, so it looks like this:
  5. run kJams
  6. go to preferences->exporting
  7. for "Movie Encoder" pick "QuickTime Movie"
  8. click the "New" button
  9. enter "x.264", click OK, then click "Edit"
  10. Make sure “Video”, “Sound”, and “Prepare for Internet Streaming” are all checked.
  11. under “Prepare for Internet Streaming”, choose “Fast Start”.
  12. Under Sound, click “Settings” button, Change the settings to this:
    1. Format: AAC
    2. Rate: Recommended
    3. Render Settings: Quality: Normal
    4. MPEG 4 AAC LC Encoder Settings: Target Bit Rate: 160kbps
    5. Click “OK”
  13. Under Video, click “Size” button
    1. set "Dimensions" to "Current"
    2. turn OFF "Deinterlace Source Video"
  14. now go to this web site
  15. scroll down or search to see "Under Video, click “Settings” button"
  16. follow the rest of the steps there
  17. Back at Preferences, click "Duplicate"
  18. rename it so it says exactly "x264 HD". The Space and the "HD" are important!
  19. click "Edit" then click "Size"
  20. under Dimensions: pick "HD 1280 x 720 16:9"
  21. click OK all the way out
  22. you're all set!