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If the current version of kJams is causing unavoidable problems, it is a simple matter to downgrade to a previous version.

  • You will NOT lose your data (you keep your library, singers, playlists, preferences, license etc)
  • You will NOT have to pay again
  1. go to the History page
  2. that shows the very latest version at the top, and it's release date.
  3. look or sroll down a bit, and you'll see the previous version.
  4. Pick Lite, Pro, or 2, and download it. Now it is in your downloads folder.
  5. Go to your Downloads folder and unzip the download.
  6. install the download:
    1. Mac: drag the unzipped app into your Applications folder, replacing the old one
    2. Windows: uninstall the currently installed version (using "Add or Remove Programs"), then run the installer for the downgraded version
  7. launch kJams
  8. do NOT update to latest when it asks, but MAKE NOTE of the latest version number
  9. When a new release comes out with a version number GREATER than the one you made note of, you can update. if you want to make SURE your bug has actually been fixed, check the version notes after step 3.