Converting Cloud Data

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Do you care?

Do you subscribe to Party Tyme Pro or Karaoke Cloud Pro music streaming services? If not, this does not apply to you!

What is going on?

Professional Streaming subscriptions enable you to pre-download the entire set of cloud-based data, so that when you "Stream" a song, it actually streams off your local disk, meaning you don't need to have an internet connection for your streaming service to work.

However, the method used to store this data is changing, which means the entire database must be re-downloaded. kJams will do this automatically when you agree to allow the change.

You can delay this for now, but it will be mandatory very soon, please update as soon as you can.

You need to manually delete your Old data!

Please note that kJams does NOT automatically delete the previous cloud data. It is recommended that you delete this old data to save room on your hard drive.

The new database name will be "KaraokeCloud Tethered Database 3" or "Party Tyme Pro Tethered Database 3". These are located in your kJams folder, which is in your user's Music folder. Please delete the ones that have the same name but do NOT have a "3" at the end of it.