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Appointments and calls accepted during these times:
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7pm to 11:00pm, Pacific Time (That's GMT -8, but adjust for daylight).

Please call me during that time (see my fone number listed below).

I used to have you send me your number then i'd call you back, but unfortunately i can no longer do that, as there are way too many of you for me to keep track of. So you have to keep track of yourself. This has the benefit for me that the appointments "keep track of themselves", and that the most important ones are always handled (because only YOU know how important it is to you, so it's up to you to make the effort)

When you call, be online and have kJams running, make sure you've at least tried to set up Screen Sharing. When we talk, try to be to the point so I can work on kJams as much as possible.

You can call me on the fone, but i probably won't answer unless it's during the above times.
I answer emails almost obsessively, so that's the best and fastest way to reach me.


  • Click here to email me:

Sometimes my mail server "goes down" without my knowing, please try these addresses below if i don't seem to respond to the above address.
NEVER use the following addresses unless you write to me at the above address and I do not reply! If you do use these address, you MUST tell me that you already tried the above address and that I did not reply. Here they are: , and .


note: i'll generally only pick up during office hours!

  • Skype: My status <-- click to call on skype!
  • Phone: (425) 247-0526 (425 Air-Zero-Jam)


I'm available just about all the time during working hours Pacific Time (adjust for daylight savings)

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