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  • Fast internet (20gbps or better) with NO BLOCKED PORTS <-- critical
  • a powerful, modern Mac or PC with:
    • 16GB RAM or more
    • 8 cores or more
    • at least 200GB free (REQUIRED!)
  • Either:
    • Macintosh (with "Parallels Desktop" or "VMWare Fusion")
    • PC (with "VMWare Workstation")

Freelancer Type

  • Speak english fluently (no broken english)
  • familiar with both mac and windows development environments
  • is fully familiar with developing QT desktop apps
  • is familiar with Version Control (we will be using Perforce)
  • understands MVC
  • familiar with Apple's CoreFoundation data structures and APIs (on windows known as "CFLite" & "CFNetwork")
  • familiar with Python (used in build system for pre/post build steps)
  • can work full time
  • must provide weekly work schedule ahead of time (eg: i plan to work monday through thursday for 5 hours each day)
  • must provide daily scrum reports, at the start AND END of each working day: what i recently worked on, what i PLAN to work on next, anything blocking
  • communicate frequently (literally communicate with me throughout the day)

I will provide a VM pre-configured thusly

  • Qt Creator 4.8.1 with Qt 5.12.1
  • either: macOS 10.14.3 & Xcode 9.4.1, or Windows 10 & VS2017
  • Python 2.7 and all the build scripts that use it
  • Perforce (Helix) for version control, with your creds and workspace
  • kJams Pro (reference app)

Installation from Scratch

  • Qt latest version
  • Perforce (helix)
  • kJams Pro

Windows Installs:

  • VS2017 (install the whole thing, not selective). you MAY need the WINSDKSETUP.exe separately?
  • ActivePython 2.7.x series
  • K-Lite codec pack (for h.264 playback)

Mac Installs:

  • XCode 9.4.1