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All news and info and updates about 64bit (compatibility with Catalina or greater) will be posted on this page. Everything I know is on this page (so writing to me won't yield any further info ;-)

Latest News

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Is kJams currently compatible with Catalina or Big Sur?

No. You can not run kJams under macOS Catalina or Big Sur.

Why not?

kJams is currently a 32bit application, and the newer OSs do not support 32bit apps.

Which macOS is kJams compatible with?

kJams currently runs from macOS 10.10 (Yosemite), up to and including macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

When will kJams be able to run under Catalina or Big Sur?

The hope is "hopefully Q2 2021". We are *very close*!!! Most things are working, but not *quite* enough to run a full show from start to finish.

Always beware "the planning fallacy", and the 80/20 rule (the last 20% takes 80% of the time, or: when it looks 80% done, it's only 20%done).

I do have a developer working on the SQL database, so things ARE moving forward. It's just very slow going, it's a complete rewrite of the entire front end (GUI) and the entire database (from hand-coded to SQL). Both tasks are monumental.

How can I run kJams today if I have Catalina or Big Sur?

You can use Virtual Machine software such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. Be aware they unfortunately do NOT support multiple monitors. Then install macOS Mojave, see below for how to download it. There is a forum discussion here.

Can I downgrade back to macOS 10.14 Mojave?

If you have a mac purchased PRIOR TO October 2019, then YES, you can downgrade to, or otherwise use, Mojave. Try one of the following:

  1. use your time machine backup from before the upgrade
  2. reinstall from scratch using a USB stick. You can make a bootable Mojave Installer USB stick using DiskMaker. BACK UP your kJams installation before you downgrade, Start with this article (the "old computer" is Catalina, the "new computer" is Mojave). During the "Cloning" phase, use the "Backup and Restore" sections.
  3. install Mojave on an external drive and boot from that

How do I download Mojave?

I'm sorry I dropped the ball

I tried really hard to inform all users of kJams not to upgrade to Catalina:

  1. directly within kJams: a notification would pop up
  2. on the kJams web site: prominently at the top of every page
  3. in the newsletter, i sent it out over a year before Catalina was released, and a few times since
  4. on my Facebook page
  5. via my Twitter account

Unfortunately if your auto updater was broken, because you were on a very old version of kJams, you never got the in-app notification. If you never visited the web site, and you weren't subscribed to the newsletter, and you never went to the facebook page, or saw the tweets, then sadly i was not able to reach you in time. I am truly sorry about that.

Can I track your progress?

Yes you can!

I have another question

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