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If the automagical updater that is built into kJams fails for some reason (or you're crashing during the update or on startup), it's probably due to a newly introduced bug, which is probably now FIXED in the current version. So just go download the latest version (see above right or see below on this page) and install it manually (replacing the one that was there before). Hopefully from then on the auto-updater will work again.

Updates to kJams are always free, and they happen frequently. Upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0 is a paid upgrade.

If there's a brand new release, and you update to it, and it crashes on startup, believe me I already know about it and am working to fix it as you read this. (However, please tell me anyway, the more people that report it, the faster I work). Meanwhile, you can easily Downgrade to the previous version. When you run the downgraded version, do NOT update until there's an even newer version available, which should happen very shortly.

kJams 2 Open Development

kJams 2 development builds have been opened up for public purchase. Yes, you'd be buying into early access to software still in development, which means it may be buggy, and will have features missing. Please see the kJams 2 page for info about what is working and what is not.

WARNINGS for Windows users

WARNINGS for Mavericks users


You don't have to buy it to try it out, it's ShareWare! Just go download it (see below). Note that unlike typical ShareWare, I provide FULL tech support and all updates are free. The ShareWare is limited by functionality, not by time, so there is no "expiration". See below for the Limitations.


First, see the Refund Policy
For instructions on how to purchase, see the section on Purchasing.


Keep in mind that kJams 1.0.1 is currently "Beta". (click here for an explanation) That means I'm still ironing some bugs out, but it's definitely solid enough to run your shows and parties.

kJams 2.0 is in "Development". You have been warned.

You should also know this:

Telephone tech support is available on tuesday and thursday evening after 7pm
pacific time, and e-mail tech support is available usually within 1 business hour.


The Unregistered (Tryout) version is limited in these ways:


  • Can't export to QuickTime more than 10 songs
  • Can't add more than 3 songs to a any playlist (except for your library)
  • Can't rip or play anything other than tracks 1, 2 and 3 on any disc

Pro and 2:

  • Same as lite but:
  • Can't add more than 3 singers
  • Can't add more than 2 singers to the rotation
  • Can't add more than 2 songs to a singer's "Tonight" playlist
  • KaraokeCloud "Tethering" (offline-streaming) will not work because a serial number is required to encrypt the cloud data

Burning Plugin and kJams 2:

  • Can't burn more than 2 songs on a disc. Note that even if you purchase the Burning plugin (by itself), in order to burn a disc with more than 3 songs you also must purchase either Lite or Pro, since the tryout version of the application limits the number of songs you can put in a playlist (see above under "Lite"), and you must create a playlist in order to burn your disc.

Producer Plugin:

  • Your songs will have red X's in the lyrics of songs you burn to CD+G

There are no other limitations. If something goes wrong in the tryout version, do NOT assume that making the purchase will "fix" it or otherwise make it work, it is either a bug or a misunderstanding. The code is *exactly* the same for the Tryout and the Licensed version, there is no different download. Just download and run, it's up to you if you want to register it. Also, the Pro version *is* the Lite version, just with several more features. If something is wrong with the Lite version, it will also be wrong with the Pro version.


  • To rip and/or burn, you'll need a compatible drive.
  • For kJams 1: Any Mac running OS X 10.3.9 10.4 or better, or Windows XP or better, and QuickTime 7.1 or better.
  • For kJams 2: Any Mac running OS X 10.7 or better, or Windows XP or better, and QuickTime 7.1 or better.
  • For Burning: One of the Compatible Drives is required! To burn more than 3 songs you must already have purchased kJams Lite, Pro, or 2. On mac you may need PatchBurn. (You can (and you SHOULD) test burning with a 2 song playlist using the Tryout, and unregistered burning plugin!)
  • For the Producer plugin, A Macintosh, otherwise requirements as for Burning
  • An internet connection (at least temporarily) to the machine on which you plan to purchase and activate a license.
  • 6GB RAM if you have < 15,000 songs, Otherwise 8GB or more
  • don't add more than about 115k songs to kJams, it is only a 32bit program and the memory management scheme will make it run very slowly if you add more than that
  • 10GB free Hard Drive space, Recommend 250GB
  • 2 core (or more) Intel CPU at 2GHz. It will work on a PowerPC computer, for a short while, but Apple is dropping support *very soon*

Licensing and Serial Numbers

Did you read the License Agreement?

Salient Points:

  • For kJams, one serial number (license) can activate 2 computers at a time, but only for ONE person, eg: NOT you and your significant other or fellow employee. Yes, you can have one mac and one windows. For the plugins there is only one activation per license.
  • The Lite version is for home use only. If you are doing public shows, you must purchase a Pro license.
  • Licenses and Activations *are* transferrable
  • WARNING: Activations are tied to your computer. Your serial number may stop working if any of the following happens:
    • You replace or reformat your startup drive
    • You replace your networking card (ethernet)
    • Your Operating System makes a major change (eg: going from 10.4 to 10.5 can sometimes cause a deactivation)
    • You switch to a different computer.
    • your computer goes "in for repair"
  • If your serial number stops working simply contact me and I'll gladly reset your activations. I usually respond within a couple hours. If you KNOW you're going to upgrade your computer, use the Transferring procedure. In emergencies, I will reset your activations any time you ask, forever.
  • to activate another computer, go help->enter serial number, then paste your SN, do not type it.
  • More info in Serial Numbers

Actual Download Links



Song files to try:

The following does not yet work with Windows (except for LAME, Burning, and ffmpeg)

Encoders for ripping


  • the Burning plugin is built in, there is no installer! Try it and if you like it, buy it (see Prefs->Burning). To burn a full disc, requires purchase of either Lite or Pro (Burning Tryout allows you to burn 2 songs per disc). Go to prefs->burning!
  • Producer 1.0b1

Remote Control

QuickTime Decoders:

  • ffmpeg for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 playback (free) (note: for MPEG2 you still need ANOTHER MPEG2 plugin below)
  • MPEG2 (OS X 10.7 or higher)
  • Perian for AVI, DivX, FLV, MKV, GVI, VP6, and VFW
  • Flip4Mac for KMA and WMA playback
  • DivX
  • AC3


  • SoundByte Instantly play little sound clips (applause, other sound effects etc)
  • Unlock all files within a folder (script)
  • Crash kJams if kJams is hung but still "responding", this script will force a crash, then you can send the crash report and i'll know what to do!
  • NameChanger free tool for batch renaming files in the Finder
  • Yet Another System Utility excellent tool for kicking your system permissions back to normal for when you can't move files to the trash)

Just for Fun

  • Crossfade your audio between kJams and iTunes
  • Other code for you wild and crazy types.

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