Karaoke.net Crashing KJams (Maybe)

Feel free to post bug reports here. I need exact, detailed steps showing me how I can re-create the bug on my machine, so give as much info and detail as possible.
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Karaoke.net Crashing KJams (Maybe)

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Found a weird issue with Karaoke.net files... I logged into my account over a browser (NOT using KJams), purchased and downloaded a song and added to the DB like usual. Every time I try and play this song, it would freeze KJams and render it useless till the song ended. Thought it was a bad download... Nope, works in media player(s), thought it was a cache problem or buffer issue... no idea why it does this. I can send the file to a dev if they would like to try it... Oh the song is "Sawed Off Shotgun by The Glorious Sons" in MPEG-4 format and 10.6Mb file size.

is there a log file I can review to gather more info?

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Re: Karaoke.net Crashing KJams (Maybe)

Post by dave »

i suspect the file is encoded poorly. but first, did you see this?

send me the file and i'll have a look.


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