"Drag and drop broken" bug

Feel free to post bug reports here. I need exact, detailed steps showing me how I can re-create the bug on my machine, so give as much info and detail as possible.
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"Drag and drop broken" bug

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So, an interesting development: the drag and drop broken bug hit me again, BUT, this time it did so during a usage session during which it had previously been working fine. So one minute it was working, the next it stopped. There were also a few other odd occurrences, such as a singer whose account I removed leaving a blank "hole" in the kJR playlist where their name used to sit until I reordered the playlist by another field, then reordered back to "#". I am still trying to get a testable, repeatable sequence of events.
Relaunching does not fix, rebooting does.
Just making this official on the forums, in the hopes that maybe someone else has experienced this issue, and maybe can add some pertinent information.

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Re: "Drag and drop broken" bug

Post by dave »

i've tried to repro this with no luck

if ANYONE else runs into this, please report! thanks!

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