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No Bake

Post by BobFox »

I have another attempt at home baked karaoke ready to go: imported from TunePrompter, Intro and Outro added, but the 'Bake' button remains grayed out. Looked around the forum trying to figure it out. I saw something called 'Special>Edit'. I found 'Special' under 'Advanced', but there is no 'Edit' sub option.

Am I missing a step-by-step instruction somewhere? I found the tutorials helpful, but I haven't found anything that explains the absolute basics (you know, for dummies I guess). For instance, I haven't found anything that tells me what the orange tabs are or even what the 'clear' button does. Is there a glossary?


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Re: No Bake

Post by dave »

the bake button is no longer needed

you're looking for "special->producer", not "edit", it has been renamed.

the orange tabs are time selection brackets. they select a range of time for an operation, like fade, or clear.

clear will clear the CDG stream instructions, preserving palette changes. option clear will NOT preserve palette changes.

no, there's no guide. there's just me. i'm working on it. maybe we should get on the fone sometime?

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