On-the-fly intro/outro

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On-the-fly intro/outro

Post by greg3000gt »

Hi Dave: Hope all had a great thanksgiving. I'm considering purchasing the producer plugin. I have the pro already. Do you ever see a day that will allow just a basic text edit to the intro/outro screen without having to go through all of steps outlined in the producer docs?

In other words, just as a custom message can be edited/created within kJams, I would just like to put my business and KJ's name. All of the files I have are digital, I am assuming that the required cd-g format is the same when on a hard drive. I'm not a programmer so this is probably a very basic question. I will likely never purchase actual cd's since there are all of same songs and more from vendors. Thanks for your reply. Greg

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Re: On-the-fly intro/outro

Post by dave »

yes one day it will be much easier. sorry you're stuck with the multi-step process for now.

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