Can't paste CSV meta data while in Producer

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Can't paste CSV meta data while in Producer

Post by DeusExMachina »

This balances on the fine edge between bug report and feature request, so I'll call it a bug and move on. :)
While you are in Producer, you can not copy a line of metadata from a CSV record and paste it in. Nothing happens.
"Why on earth would you want to do that?!?" you might ask. Well, in dealing with my other issues, since kJams also still over writes the metadata fields on first converting a file (as previously reported) my current work flow is:

Select song in playlist
Copy all metadata
Open file in Producer (Metadata gets reset based on the contents of the source file)
Immediately save in Producer
Cancel out of Producer
Paste metadata that you just copied from the track back into the track
Reopen in Producer

That is eight steps for what really should be one. So that is actually three bugs here:
1) Metadata is no longer being properly read anymore from the CSV file.
2) Metadata is being overwritten until the track is saved one time.
3) Metadata can not be pasted in while in Producer.

Fixing any one of these would eliminate most of these steps, which really should be only a single step. Since rebaking, for some reason, can take up to fifteen minutes on some tracks (you can actually watch it plod along, lacing blobs one by one every half minute or so) this can add significantly to processing time.

Time per track can still be on the order of hours, due to The List® so every little bit helps :).

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Re: Can't paste CSV meta data while in Producer

Post by dave »

i've added this into your bug list.

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